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Flag of Nauriania

Nauriania is a consulate of the Republic of Hilbert Dimension for Slovakia and the seat of the Hilbertian government. It is located in Dúbravka, Bratislava, Slovakia. It currently has a status of a "Special territory of Hilbert Dimension". The total area of Nauriania is 94 m2 (93,73). Nauriania is mainly for Hilbertian citizens who may have diplomatic or other problems in Slovakia. Slovak citizens can also contact the consulate for information about Hilbert Dimension, Hilbertian visa policy, or Hilbert Dimension's relations with the Slovak government. Nauriania also serves as an office that can give approvals to visit the Hilbertian Realm countries Maueva, Bespon, Nepuspon*, and the Central Universal Republic.

Nauriania together with the Central Universal Republic - together called Greater Nauriania - is the main seat of the Hilbertian government, however, the nation is mostly governed from the C.U.R. The Hilbertian government itself however only has limited power over the Hilbertian Realm countries as well as the C.U.R. Nauriania (never the C.U.R.) is where all government voting sessions are held.

Capital of the Hilbertian Realm

Nauriania is also the capital city of the Hilbertian Realm, however a new capital called Lind is planned to be constructed in the Swedish city of Jönköping. The capital will most likely not be moved until 2030.

House statue in Nauriania

Access to Nauriania for foreigners

Anyone who wants to visit Nauriania has to fill in a visa application for the Hilbertian Realm countries or contact Nauriania itself. Foreign visits to Nauriania are only allowed with special permission/visa.

Visa application form for Hilbertian counttries and territories

Contacts to Nauriania

Phone: +421915888993