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Flag of Malaja

Malaja is the capital city of the Republic of Hilbert Dimension. It is a house containing a basement, ground floor, 1 floor, and attic. It has its own region in Hilbert Dimension and consists of 2 subregions - Malaja interior and Malaja exterior, which also counts in the terrace of the house. Malaja itself as the capital city is Malaja interior, and Malaja exterior is a territory of the capital city. The area of Malaja exterior is 92 m2.


It is inhabited by members of the Hilbertian government. Foreigners are not allowed to visit Malaja interior, with exception of those who are citizens of countries with an eVisitor program or citizens of the Slovak Republic.

The 2-letter code of Malaja on Hilbertian License Plates is "ML"



Construction of the house that would become Malaja began in the year 2009 and was never officially completed, but today only minor details are missing.

Pre-hilbertian era

From 2011 to 23.11.2019 it was inhabited by the family and some of today's citizens. Important things such as kitchen, TV, beds, and others were established.

Creation of Hilbert Dimension

On November 23rd, 2019, Hilbert Dimension was created and Malaja was selected as its capital city. Its name was chosen a few weeks later.

Clay production

In the winter of 2019/2020, clay production started in the basement of Malaja. Clay was mined in the (current) Swamp region of Hilbert Dimension and was purified in Malaja.

Recyclation era

On August 14th, 2020, Malaja started recycling plastic, paper, glass and biowaste. Plastic, paper, and glass are taken once a month to Bratislava to be disposed or recycled.

Chemistry era

On November 30th, 2020, First package of chemicals were delivered to Malaja basement from Nauriania and parts of the basement were made chemical laboratory.

Internet connection established

Wifi network was established in Malaja on January 28th, 2021. All visitors and tourists can connect to the wifi network for free.