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Flag of Gayveria
Coat of arms of Gayveria
Coat of arms
Motto: "Be Gay, Do Crime"
Gay Ausveria, Ausveria
Gay Ausveria, Ausveria
CapitalGay Ausveria, Ausveria
Largest cityOfficial Discord Server
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDirect democracy
LegislatureVoting Hall

Gayveria was an eccentric, LGBTQIA+ dominant self-proclaimed sovereign state with a social presence primarily located on the VoIP platform Discord as well as physcial maintained claims to multiple non-contiguous parcels of land. Gayveria's was mainly situated in Long Island, New York, with enclaves such as Bulgarian Gayveria. The system of governance was a direct democracy in which all citizens were entitled to propose, discuss, and vote on legislation as well as elect representatives to enforce passed legislation. It was declared a failed state by Hunt Powell after its Discord server was destroyed using admin powers.


The name Gayveria was a portmanteau of the words gay and Ausveria, with gay representing the micronation's position as an LGBTQIA+ ethnostate and Ausveria representing the protest for LGBTQIA+ rights in Ausveria.



On 8 March 2021, Ian "Gay Edgelord" Duck declared Gayveria an independent micronation. Gayveria would experience extensive growth in both citizenry count and mutual recognition and became the largest gay MicroWiki-sector micronation. The Lesbian, Bi-Pan, Trans, and Demi-Asexual Provinces were also established during this time.


Gayveria was declared a failed state on the 1 April 2021 by Generalissimo Hunt Powell. The discord server was nuked via admin powers and all of the citizenry were removed. Though Gayveria continued to exist be it with a smaller member count in the central discord server.


Gayveria was a direct democracy composed of the Voting Hall and the Representatives. The voting hall was the legislature and judiciary, composed of all citizens its task was to propose, discuss, and vote on legislation. The Representatives was the executive, it was composed of members elected and removed through the Voting Hall and tasked with enforcing legislation passed in the Voting Hall. The founder of Gayveria, Duck, titled "Gay Edgelord", was a permanent member and leader of the Representatives. The Government was composed of only full citizens, meaning only LGBTQIA+ people are entitled to participate.

Administrative regions

Flag Name Information
Gayveria Lesbian Flag.png Lesbian Province of Gayveria The Lesbian Province of Gayveria was established on 13 March 2021 and was composed of all Lesbian citizenry of Gayveria.
Gayveria Bi Pan Flag.png Bisexual-Pansexual Province of Gayveria The Bisexual-Pansexual Province of Gayveria was established on 13 March 2021 and was composed of all Bisexual and Pansexual citizenry of Gayveria.
Gayveria Trans Flag.png Trans Province of Gayveria The Trans Province of Gayveria was established on 13 March 2021 and was composed of all Trans citizenry of Gayveria.
Asexual-Demisexual.png Asexual-Demisexual Province of Gayveria The Asexual-Demisexual Province of Gayveria was established 13 March 2021 and was composed of all Asexual and Demisexual citizenry of Gayveria.
Ausveria.png Colony of Ausveria The Colony of Ausveria was established March 13, 2021 and was composed of the Ausverian Volksrepublik's territory on Long Island, NY. The colony existed de jure, but not de facto.


A meme depicting the superiority of Gayveria over Ausveria.


Gayveria, being an LGBTQIA+ Ethnostate, celebrated Pride Month every July and had a strong sense of LGBTQIA+ Pride.


Gayveria frequently created memes to mock Ausveria and show the supremacy of Gayveria.

Foreign relations

Gayveria maintained mutual recognition with the following other micronations: