Ausverian Volksrepublik

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Ausverian Volksrepublik
Flag of Ausveria
Coat of Arms of Ausveria
Coat of Arms
Motto: Non sibi sed patriae
LocationLong Island, New York
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groupsItalians, Germans, Poles
GovernmentSingle-party dictatorship
• Chancellor
Fredrick M.
Ausverian Landtag
Ausverian Volkskammer
• Establishment
23 May 2019
• Estimate
CurrencyAusverian mark (AUV)
Time zone(UTC-5)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1
Patron saintSaint Michael
IMSO 1 codeAUV
National sportBaseball
National animalEagle
Internet TLD.auv (proposed)

The Ausverian Volksrepublik, more commonly known as Ausveria, is an unrecognized micronation located in Long Island, New York with territory in several other states. Ausveria has been in existance since mid-2019 and is made up of four inhabited provinces, as well as multiple uninhabited territories. Ausveria is a single-party dictatorship, known for having a Traditionalist right-wing social policy and a Socialist economy. Ausveria has established official relations with several other nations and is active in the MicroWiki Community.


The name Ausveria has no known origins but is believed to have come from a dream.


Ausveria was founded on 23 May 2019 and originally had a population of six. At its foundation, Ausveria had not been a full-fledged nation but rather a city-state, however as Ausveria expanded it grew to encompass four provinces and grew to a population of 15. At it's start Ausveria was called "The Dictatorship of Ausveria" and had no coherent ideology.

Old Ausverian flag


On 30 June 2019 the Province of Polucaville was annexed which marked the end of the Ausverian City-State period, additional claims were made over a local schoolyard however they were later relinquished. On 9 August 2019 the Province of Neu Memelland joined Ausveria.

Entry into wider micronational community

Around September of 2019 Ausveria entered the Microwiki sector of Micronationalism, this led to many changes within Ausveria due to receiving inspiration from other micronations and through the sense of competition that emerged. This time period layed the foundations for what Ausveria would become in the future. Initially Ausveria was not taken seriously in the community but quickly became semi prominent associating with nations such as Ponderosa Hills despite their vast political differences, many nations that Ausveria associated with during this period including Ponderosa hills later distanced themselves from Ausveria.

The Brittany Pact

The Brittany Pact was a short lived alliance of right wing nations consisting of Ausveria, Natlin and Faltree, this was significant as it began a long relationship between Ausveria and these nations.

Long Inactivity period

The period of time after the Almendrian war was marked by inactivity with very few significant things happening aside from the destruction of the Ausverian Kreigsmarine's only vessel. This period started coming to an end when Ausveria started becoming more active in the Micronational Assembly community and associating with the nations of proto Korp Sector.

Tungsten Pact-MACP War

Ausveria was one of the founding members of the Tungsten pact, during this conflict the groundwork for the modern Ausverian military was created. Ausveria also occupied part of Sayville during this conflict creatin the first Reichskommissariat. Ausveria and it's allies won the war which brought about a brief period of prosperity for Ausveria.

Ausverian soldier during the Sayville occupation

Isolationist period

In early January 2021 the Ausverian chancellor had a falling out with the leaders of other nations of Korp Sector leading to it being ejected and diplomatic ties being cut with all member nations. On January 9th a series of screenshots were released taken from private chats which showed Fredrick M. saying many highly offensive things including about other micronationalists which led to Ausveria being ejected from many micronational circles. This period in the long term did more good than harm as Ausveria gained many new citizens and annexed the former Hessian Empire as the province of Hesse.

Thaw and reentry into wider community

In March of 2021 the Chancellor made amends with the other nations of Korp Sector and Ausveria reentered much of the community, during this time the State of Argentoria disbanded and it's former Emperor Benson I joined Ausveria and was given the position of minister of Economics.

Civil War

See page: Ausverian Civil War

Post Civil war era

Ausveria saw a period of unprecedented activity and expansion with Areas such as Reichsgau Twin lakes being annexed. A new economic plan called Ausplan was released which is intended to revolutionize the Ausverian economy.

October 8th

October 8th 2021 has been reffered to as the busiest day in Ausverian history, at 12:00pm acting as part of the West long Island Coalition Auvseria declared war on the Islipian Empire, People's Republic of Tesforia and the Commonwealth of Sayville sparking the Great Long Island War[1]. At 3:55pm Ausveria peacefully annexed the Republic of North America after the signing of the treaty of Eisenbruck[2] gaining the Province of Eisenbruck and a multitude of New citizens. At 5:26pm the Republican Dictat of Ronkonkoma declared war on Ausveria in response to what it viewed as agression on the part of Western Long Island Nations.

Politics and government

Ausveria is a single-party dictatorship led by the Ausverian Fatherland Party (AFP). The Government is headed by the chancellor who is advised by the two houses of the Ausverian legislature, the Ausverian Landtag which is the upper house and is made up of representatives from each province and the Ausverian Volkskammer which is the lower house.

Law and order

At the current time, Ausveria has no police force as there is no crime within the nation, however, the infrastructure is in place for a law enforcement department to be created.


The Ausverian Reichswehr has 6 branches and a total of 14 men. The main suppliers of the Ausverian military are websites that sell former East German and Soviet Equipment.

Tungsten Pact-MACP War

On October 23rd as part of the Tungsten Pact Ausveria Declared war on all member states of the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact, this led to the raising of the 1st Infantry Division also known as the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard by executive order of the Chancellor on the same day. The Tungsten-MACP War is technically ongoing as peace was never declared but both organizations ceased to exist and all participants consider it over with some former MACP members (Notably Argentoria) even being Ausverian Allies.

On October 31st two members of the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard Raided territory of the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions and set up Reichskommissariat Sayville (Ausveria)

Civil War

On March 21st 2021 the Ausverian Civil War began, immediately the army and the Ausverian Volkssturm both fractured with members leaving and joining different factions, additionally large amounts of equipment were captured and/or stolen by rebels including almost 1/3rd of the Ausverian armies entire weapon stockpile.

The first battle of the Civil war consisted of a Polucavillean assault against the Capital which was repelled by Loyalist forces after sporadic street fighting.

Ausverian Kriegsmarine

The Ausverian Kriegsmarine is the smallest branch of the Ausverian military and is led by Fleet Admiral Patrick T..

Ausverian Volksarmee

The Ausverian Volksarmee is the largest branch of the Ausverian Military.

Administrative divisions

Ausveria has multiple regions that are different in political status and handling within the government.


Provinces are considered to be the core territories of Ausveria, and are managed by appointed governors, these governors also act as representatives in the Ausverian Landtag. In order for a Province to be annexed the Ausverian Landtag must vote on it's entrance which due to the infrequent meetings of the Landtag and the slow nature of Ausverian politics can take a long time. A territory can only become a province if it has a population of 3 or larger.

Flag Province Governor Established Population Location
FlagofBrittany.jpeg Brittany Thomas M. May 23rd, 2019 5 Long Island, New York
Polucaville.jpeg Polucaville William P. June 30th, 2019 3 Long Island, New York
NeumeleaHAHAHA.jpg Neu Memelland Patrick T. August 9th 2019 3 Staten Island, New York
RKhesse.jpeg Hesse Robert D. January 27th 2021 3 South Florida
Eisenbruck.jpeg Eisenbruck Martin Malenkov October 8th 2021 3 South Florida


Reichskommissariats are territories under the administration of Ausveria, and are managed by appointed Reichskommissars. Reichskommissariats can be annexed as soon as they request to join and when they reach a population of 3 they can apply to become a province.

Flag Reichskommissariat Reichskommissar Established Population Location
AusverianSayville.jpeg Reichskommissariat Sayville Position vacant October 31st, 2020 0 Long Island, New York
Newadan.jpg Reichskommissariat New Adana Chris A. February 18th, 2021 1 Long Island, New York
Bellmorebestmicronationflag.jpeg Reichskommissariat Bellmore Position Vacant March 29th, 2021 0 Long Island, New York
Catainia.jpeg Reichskommissariat Catainia Position Vacant May 5th, 2021 0 Rhode Island
RKPreslandFlag.jpeg Reichskommissariat Presland Benson I 1 Arizona


Reichsprotektorates are territories and/or countries under the protection and administration of Ausveria, and are managed by appointed Reichsprotektors. As of October 2021 there are no Reichsprotektorates as the only one,Reichsprotektorat Hesse has been fully integrated as a province.

Unorganized Territories

Unorganized territories are territories of Ausveria that at the present time do not fit into the political structure of Ausveria.

Flag Territory Established
RG-Twinlakes.jpeg Reichsgau Twin lakes May 1st 2021
Bismarck-Island.jpeg Bismarck Island May 1st 2021
Garibaldi-Island.jpeg Garibaldi Island May 1st, 2021

Geography and climate

A climate graph for Tesforia.

Ausveria is mainly plains with some forests as well as a creek located within Leantree national park, Under the Koppen climate classification Ausveria is listed as between a Humid subtropical climate (Cfa) and a humid continental climate (Dfa). Chart of local climate:

Culture and media

Ausverian culture is a vibrant blend of Germanic and Italian/Roman culture.


Ausveria has a wide variety of cuisines from the many cultures that make up the nation, with Italian cuisine being one of the most prominent. The national sandwich of Ausveria is an Italian sandwich consisting of Prosciutto and provolone on Italian bread drizzled with Balsamic vinegar.


The Ausverian economy mainly consists of agriculture and light manufacturing. Ausveria's economy is centrally planned with all industries being state owned.


Many Ausverian provinces have gardens and collective farms, for example the province of Polucaville is known for its high quality tomatoes and Neu Memelland has even grown watermelons. As of 2021 despite the Ausverian Civil War occurring agricultural efforts have gone through the roof with even Brittany (The province where the most fighting has occured) growing Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, dill, parsley, basil, strawberries and Blueberries.

Light Industry

Heavy Industry

The Ausverian state owned enterprise known as Smolot Heavy Industries produces machinery, vehichles and some heavier weapons. Starting on February 5th 2021 Smolot began the process of reaserching the production of an Ausverian made car.

Foreign Relations

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations

Official Relations, Treaties signed

Informal Relations

Recognition Refused

Formerly Recognized, now defunct

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