Ausverian Reichswehr

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Ausverianisch Reichswehr
Active(May 23rd, 2019 - Present)
RoleTo defend Ausveria and it's people
GarrisonBrittany (Ausveria), Polucaville, Neu Memelland, Hesse
PatronSt. Michael
ColorsGold and Blue

The Ausverian Reichswehr is the collective name for all branches of the Ausverian Military.


The Ausverian Reichswehr has five branches which each have different tasks.

Ausverian Volksarmee

The Ausverian Volksarmee consists of the main ground forces of the Ausverian Reichswehr, most AVA members are conscripts.

Ausverian Revolutionary Guard

The Ausverian Revolutionary Guard is the most elite force of the Reichswehr consisting of about 5 men, the RG receives the best training and equipment and it's men are known for being brutal and incredibly fanatical.

Ausverian Kreigsmarine

The Ausverian Kriegsmarine is the naval branch of the Reichswehr, it currently has no functional vessels and has 3 men.

Auisverian Grenztruppen

The Ausverian Grenztruppen is the border service of Ausveria.

Ausverian Volkssturm

The Ausverian Volkssturm is the last line of defense in Ausveria and consists of men ineligable for regular military service due to either age or disability, it is the worst funded and worst equipped of all Ausverian forces and the equipment often only consists of a weapon, an Armband, and occasionally a side cap.