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—  City and Province of Ausveria  —

Country Ausveria
Founded June 30th 2019
 - Governer William P.
 - Mayor William P.
 - Total 3
Time zone Eastern standard time

Polucaville is a province and Major city in Ausveria. The Ausverian city is a historical gathering place of Ausverian citizens and is home to many cultural events and festivals. The province is known for it's fine Cuisine.


The Governer and representative in the Landtag for Polucaville, William P. who is the Chancellors uncle asked for that to be the name of the province, when asked what it meant he replied "I don't know but it sounds nice"


The area now comprising Polucaville was first settled sometime in the 16 or 1700s, The area later became one of Americas first modern suburbs.

Polucaville became the second province to join Ausveria ending the City state period of Ausverian history.


Italian culture and cuisine is extremely prominent in Polucaville.


The current Governer and representitive in the Landtag is William P

Independence attempts

Polucaville has had a long history of attempting to secede from Ausveria with attempts going back all the way to the first few months of Ausveria's existance, the most recent proposals coming after Ausveria adopted State Socialism.