Neu Memelland

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Neu Memelland
—  City and Province of Ausveria  —

Country Ausveria
Founded August 9th, 2019
 - Governer Patrick T.
 - Mayor Patrick T.
 - Total 3
Time zone Eastern standard time

Neu Memelland is a Province and City belonging to Ausveria, It has the highest Average age of any Province and is also the main garrison of the Ausverian Kriegsmarine. Neu Memelland is located in Staten Island New York.


Neu Memelland was the third province to join Ausveria.



The current Governer and representitive in the Landtag is Patrick T.


Neu Memelland is the the main port for the Ausverian Kriegsmarine and contains several museums.

Ausverian National Doll Museum

Neu Memelland contains a Museum exhibiting a large number of antique and collectable dolls dating all the way back to the 18th Century.

Neu Memalland Numismatic Museum

Neu Memalland has the largest coin museum in Ausveria containing thousands of coins and dwarfing the National Numismatic Museum in Brittany.