Ausverian Kriegsmarine

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Ausverian Kriegsmarine
Flag of the Ausverian Kriegsmarine.svg
Active23 May 2019 - Present
Country Ausveria
AllegianceAusverian Reichswehr
TypeNaval forces
RoleTo defend Ausveria and Ausverian waters
Part ofKriegsmarine
GarrisonBrittany Neu Memelland
ColorsBlack, Gold, and Blue
WeaponsMosin Nagant M91/30
Potato cannon

The Ausverian Kriegsmarine is the Naval branch of the Ausverian military.


It was officially formed on 23 May 2019, the same day that Ausveria was founded, the branch has never seen combat. "The branch was created with the purpose of keeping my annoying younger cousins out of the regular army" - Fredrick M., Chancellor


The Ausverian Kriegsmarine is equpiped with older German, Soviet and Italian Gear as well as Mosin Nagant rifles, and Potato cannons are used as deck guns on vessels.


The Ausverian Kriegsmarine formerly had a single inflatable raft however in incident that occurred in early August 2020 when the Chancellor was attempting to drag the raft to a shed on Antonio Allee in the capitol in order to paint it when it was torn on a sharp stone.