Ausverian Volksarmee

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Ausverian Volksarmee
Flag of the Volksarmee
Active(23 May 2019 - Present)
AllegianceAusverian Reichswehr
TypeInfantry, Armor, Artillery
RoleTo defend Ausveria and it's people
GarrisonBrittany (Ausveria), Polucaville, Neu Memelland, Hesse
PatronSt. Michael
ColorsGold and Blue
EquipmentMosin Nagant M91/30
Airsoft Makarov
M39 pellet rifle
Airsoft AK

The Ausverian Volksarmee is made up of the land forces of the Ausverian Military.


The Ausverian Volksarmee was founded on 23 May 2019, the same day Ausveria was founded.

TOES-Almendria War

On 30 June 2020 Ausveria entered into the TOES-Almendria War, there was no actual combat during the war, however the Ausverian military held many training exercises.

Tungsten-MACP War

On 23 October 2020 Ausveria entered the Tungsten-MACP War as part of the Tungsten Pact, on this same day the most elite infantry regiment of Ausveria, the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard was created. During this conflict, the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard invaded and occupied part of the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions creating a territory known as Reichskommissariat Sayville (Ausveria).

Ausverian troops in Sayville

Gayveria War

During the Gayveria war, the Ausverian army quickly siezed the land belonging to Gayveria on Long Island.

Ausverian civil war

At the beginning of the Ausverian Civil War the army was fractured with many soldiers defecting to enemy factions, fortunately the bulk of Ausverian forces remained loyal to the government.


The Ausverian Volksarmee uses a wide variety of weapons usually sourced from outside the country, however in recent times there have been plans to create weapons within Ausveria's borders.

Small Arms

  • Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle produced in the Soviet Union firing the 7.62x54r caliber cartridge
  • Kar98k rifle produced in Nazi Germany firing the 8mm Mauser caliber cartridge
  • M91 Carcano carbine firing the 6.5 Carcano cartridge
  • Glock 26 pistol, issued to officers
  • Airsoft Luger, issued to officers
  • Airsoft AK pattern rifle, issued to Conscripts
  • M39 pellet rifle, issued to Conscripts
  • Airsoft Thompson SMG, issued to officers

Ausverian soldier in M20 winter uniform with Mosin Nagant rifle

Heavy Weapons

Most of the heavy weapons used by the Ausverian Military are produced within Ausveria.


The Ausverian Volksarmee uses a wide variety of Equipment sourced from countries such as Germany, Italy, and the former Soviet Union as well as items produced in Ausveria.


Type Photo
M40 Stalhelm
M56 Stalhelm
M17 Stalhelm


  • M20 Ausverian produced field jackets
  • Flecktarn Field jackets
  • Strichtarn Field jackets
  • Chocolate chip camo (Desert troops)
  • M20 Winter uniform
  • KZS Soviet camouflage suit

Gas Masks

Type Photo


Revolutionary guard

The Ausverian Revolutionary Guard is the most elite unit of the Ausverian army and is based on Long Island, New York. There is a 2nd Revolutionary Guard in Western Ausveria.


The Ausverian Tropicorps are an infantry unit based in the province of Hesse in South Florida, it is called the Tropicorps due to the tropical region.