TOES-Almendria War

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TOES-Almendria War
Part of 2020 Almendrian Crisis
Unidentified Ponderosan soldier edited onto a road in Ponderosa Hills.png
Ponderosan soldier, likely Leon Montan, during the war
Date30 June 2020 (2020-06-30) – 15 July 2020 (2020-07-15)
(2 weeks and 1 day)
Mainly the Discord server of Almendria
Result Anti-Almendrian victory, start of Almendrian Civil War without the TOES-led coalition
Flag of Almendria.png Almendria
Flag of Ambestan.png Ambestan

PlamianFlag.png Plamia
Flag of New Almendria.svg New Almendria
Flag of New Ambestan.png New Ambestan
Flag of Azeria.jpg Azeria
NewJutlandia.jpeg New Jutlandia
Ozikstan.jpeg Ozikstan
Commanders and leaders

Flag of Almendria.png General President Tizian Aruna
Flag of Almendria.png Minister Dominic
Flag of Almendria.png Commander LtGnarin Flag of Almendria.png Various Minor Cyberforces Commanders

Flag of Almendria.png Commander OELL

PRPH flag.png Leon Montan
NewJutlandia.jpeg Sertor Valentinus
Flag of Centralia.png Iggy Hockenheim
Flag of Desert District .png Lee Bastino
Flag of Desert District .png Jamez

PlamianFlag.png Plamen Iliev
Flag of New Almendria.svg Aydan Dillon
Flag of New Almendria.svg K-Su
Units involved
Flag of Almendria.png AAF Cyberforces
Flag of Almendria.png Almendrian Special Operations and Sabotage Unit
Flag of Almendria.png ALMI1
Flag of Almendria.png ALMI2
TOES server photo.png Armed Forces of TOES
ALF.png Almendrian Liberation Front
ALF.png Anti-Almendrian Action Pact[1]
PlamianFlag.png Plam Division A1
NGO.jpg New Guerin Order
TKT.png The Knights Templar
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The TOES-Almendria War, known as Operation Foot Trituration by the Almendrian government, is a military conflict between Almendria and states associated with TOES, along with the organization itself.



On the 30th of June, members of TOES joined the Almendrian Discord server, after Tizian stating that TOES was a YAMO, and that they were planning an attack. Assuming that TOES was raiding, the Almendrian government responded to them joining by banning all members. Hours after being banned, TOES issued a declaration, demanding, amongst other things, the unbanning of all members involved.[2]

Operation Foot Trituration

After the motion was passed, Tizian released a statement, saying, "We have a micronation, and you all have a micropenis." In addition, word spread that Almendria was trying to uncover TOES's "secret discord server", despite none such server existing; as TOES is hosted on a Discord group chat, not a server.

At the same time, Almendria declared war on TOES, saying in a Reddit post that "TOES forced us[the Almendrian government] to do this". This resulted in the formation of the Armed Forces of TOES, consisting of all TOES members, as reservists.

Once TOES got ahold of the Reddit post, multiple micronations, including Ponderosa Hills and Ausveria declared war on Almendria, and later on raided the Almendrian server, with Iggy I of Centralia being muted in the process.

Jamez, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Communist Union of Almendria, then admitted to his disloyalty of Almendria, and joined the revolution against them. He swiftly tagged @everyone via Discord across many of their ARs and Almendria itself, and used admin powers in some Almendria puppets and ARs to effectively destroy their Discord servers.

During the raids on the ARs, Ambestan was proclaimed as independent after a short occupation induced by Iggy and Jamez. Later on, all ARs were released by the Almendrian government, although they later joined back.

Due to a political crisis in Almendria involving the cancelling of an election and a referendum, the Autonomous Republic of Ozikistan declared war on Almendria, resulting with the Empire of Monmark condemning the Almendrian government.[3]

On the 2nd of July, the Kingdom of Centralia made a peace deal with Almendria and temporarily withdrew from the war. Later that day, Almendrian forces raided the Ponderosan Discord server.

On the 4th of July, Iggy unearthed phone numbers belonging to the leaders of Ambestan and Almendria. He found the Almendrian number via an announcement and he found the Ambestani number through an invite to a WhatsApp group. Iggy has not shared these numbers with a few people and has told them to never publicise them. He was soon banned from the Almendrian server because of this.

Almendiran Cyberforces raided Desert District’s Discord server on the 5th of July and posted an IP scraping link of a meme video on YouTube. Images show Tizian, the leader of Almendria, planning the plot. These images were leaked privately to Jamez of Desert District, where he saved images and message IDs, deleted the messages and reported all involved individuals to Discord Support.

Attempted Peace negotiations

On the 5th of July, peace negotiations between Almendria and members of the TOES coalition began. Within 2 hours, a treaty was proposed that had the following terms:

  • Abolishment of Almendria's controversial AR (Autonomous Republic) system
  • Clear defining of a court system
  • Unbanning of all TOES members and acquaintances
  • Absolute cease of all malicious IP and email tracking

Almost immediately, Tizian said no to the treaty, demanding “white peace”. Following this event, the Almendrian Delegation with support of the TOES Coalition formed a secessionist state known as Federation of Almendria.

8-Ball Incident

Shortly after the founding of New Almendria and the formation of the provisional government, the Tizian-led Almendrian faction launched an attack that completely devastated New Almendrias online instructure.

Audit logs and testimony shown that Premier Aydan Dillon of New Almendria had given administrative powers to Tizian, allowing for the servers destruction. Aydan contested that it was a sibling performing the action on an open laptop whilst in the bathroom. The People of New Almendria charged the Premier with one count of direct Disturbance of Peace and one count of indirect Disturbance of Peace.

Following the Aydan Dillon vs New Almendria trial, the jury found the Premier guilty of indirect Disturbance of Peace and not guilty of direct Disturbance of Peace with the Grand Inquisitor sentencing him to immediate removal from office, sending shocks throughout the nation.[4]

The successful Almendrian attack resulted in a large morale and propaganda boost for the Communist Union, and the Federation was dissolved days after. New Ambestan, the only ally of the Federation, was also nuked and deleted, then split into 2 smaller states.

Occupation and Deletion

On the 8th of June, New Almendrian forces took over the server, banning Tizian and other Almendrian officials, afterwhich Almendria was renamed the Province of Almendria. After ownership of the server switched hands numerous times, the Knights Templar began the occupation of Almendria, disestablishing the Province of Almendria in the process.

On the 12th July 2020, Tizian began making threats to regain ownership of Almendria and also attempted to re-direct loyalists to another server however these threats have done little to regain ownership.

On the 15th July, the Almendrian server was deleted as Tizian and Dominic spammed the Anti-Tizian Party's server. Peace was negotiated between Sertor, Iggy and Tizian. A day later, Tizian nuked New Ambestan with remaining AAF Cyberforces units.

The Tufcat Incident

On the 17th of June, Tizian contacted a user known as tufcat13 on Discord, attempting to bring him into the community of Almendria. As stated by tufcat13, when Tizian had contacted him, he was confused which led him to joining Almendria. The following link is a screenshot provided by tufcat13 in is resignation statement, of how Tizian contacted him, as well as a screenshot of a Instagram post tufcat13 was recruited and made the General of the Almendrian Amry almost immediately, conforming and leading by Tizian's command.

Overtime, Tizian had tufcat13 work as a spy to infiltrate other servers. Through this, they tried gaining information that would be useful, although it proved a failure, and gave no advantage. As reported by tufcat13 in his resignation statement (tufcat13's Resignation), Tizian hid a very important detail with him. This reportedly was the fact that they were at war with other nations. He states in his resignation letter, "I would also like to say that most of the time, I didn't even know what was happening. Tizian didn't inform me much about things that were going on. Like literally, I didn't even know about the war that was happening until about 6 or so days ago."

Tizian wasn't transparent, and hid many things from tufcat13, even though he was the nations General. Through interviewing tufcat13 directly, I got a direct input on the situation. tufcat13 stated Tizian refused to share any personal information, including age, and never once spoke to tufcat13 even while in a VC, which through later allegations he found, he believes was to possibly hide his actual age. In the end, tufcat13 was appointed as the President of Almendria, although he resigned only a few days afterwards.

International response

  • Aenopia - Despite being the 5th member and supporting TOES, Aenopia has declared their neutrality during this 'conflict' due to its stance on foreign conflicts. Logan I was quoted as saying: 'I go to bed and you guys start a goddamn war I swear to god y’all need babysitters to make sure you don't start a terrorist organisation.'
  • Malinovia - Malinovia has declared public neutrality since the very start of the conflict. Aydan I stated that it was their membership to the UAMW, and stance against micronational wars in general, that warranted neutrality. Aydan has, however, also stated that he morally supports Almendria.
  • Wegmat - The Prime Minister of Wegmat made an official statement, saying that Wegmat is only associated with TOES because it’s prime minister is in the club, and as such does not want be associated with a war.
  • Georgienstine - In the beginning of the conflict the President of Georgienstine announced on the Nationalist Party of Georgienstine’s television channel that he admired toes, he would consider having sex with Peter Griffin and that he supported TOES. On July 13, 2020 an armed forces regiment led by Aidan Clifford raided the loyalist New Almendria discord
  • Flag of Desert District .png Desert District - Lee Bastino, First Secretary of Desert District announced on the 1st of July via Discord in an official statement simply that Desert District would be “...joining TOES in the TOES-Almendria war,” and on the 4th of July possible Almendrian workers raided the Desert District Discord server, however all were banned nearly instantaneously. On the 5th of July, Almendria cyber forces posted an IP scraping link for unknown purposes in Desert District. Leaked messages indicate it was for extremely malicious intent according to Desert District’s First Secretary’s Office.
  • Images (7.7).jpg Key West-Ziberland- The Emperor and the President stated that Almendria should stop interfering TOES and it's members, they also stated that Almendria should not be a Communist regime.