Almendrian Liberation Front

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Almendrian Liberation Front
Participant in TOES-Almendria War
Flag of the ALF and the planned flag of the Armed Forces
Flag of the ALF and the planned flag of the Armed Forces
ActiveJuly 2020 (inactive since then)
LeadersIggy Hockenheim
James Bornstein
HeadquartersA Discord server (assumed)
Area of operationsFlag of Almendria.png Almendria
NewJutlandia.jpeg New Jutlandia
Flag of Ambestan.png Ambestan
AlliesTKT.png The Knights Templar
Opponent(s)Flag of Almendria.png Almendria
Battles and war(s)TOES-Almendria War
Almendrian Civil War
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Flag of Almendria.png Communist Union of Almendria

The Almendrian Liberation Front, often abbreviated to ALF, is a military group with the main task of bringing down Tizian Aruna's rule in Almendria.


The ALF was first founded to remove Tizian Aruna from Almendria. The war saw very little ALF intervention from the beginning. However, towards the end of the war, the ALF and the Knights Templar began the final coup that overthrew Aruna - who escaped to a rump state. This officially began the Almendrian Civil War.


  • Freeing all of the Autonomous Republics or Client States of Almendria
  • Install the ALF as the governmental body

The rest of these goals are classified.