Almendrian Civil War

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The Almendrian Civil War is a conflict within the Almendrian Sector that occurred shortly following the conclusion of the TOES-Almendria War.

Almendrian Civil War
Part of 2020 Almendrian Crisis
Date19th July 2020 - 2021?
Discord servers of Almendria, Azeria and Kauluzzi
  • Status quo ante bellum
  • Tizianist Almendria restored in 2021
AlmendriaSick.png Tizianist Almendria
Flag of Ambestan.png Ambestan
Flag of Almendria.pngDemocratic Almendria
Flag of Almendria.png Kingdom of Almendria
ALF flag.png Almendrian Revolutionaries
Flag of Azeria.jpg Azeria
Kaulazzi.png Socialist Republic of Kauluzzi
Nexan Sigil.png Nexan Republic (to some extent)
Niel.png Neilian Almendria
Commanders and leaders
AlmendriaSick.png Tizian Aruna
AlmendriaSick.png Timothy
Flag of Ambestan.png Kristiāns
Flag of Azeria.jpg Bluestoin
Kaulazzi.png Kazzi
Flag of Almendria.png Various Democratic Almendrians and A2 Members
Niel.png Neil Josten
Units involved
AlmendriaSick.png AAF Cyberforces (Until Merger) AlmendriaSick.png People´s National Red Cyberforces
AlmendriaSick.png Server Police of the Union
ALF flag.png ALF
ALF flag.png A2
Kaulazzi.png Kauluzzi CyberForces


19/7 Attacks

On the 19th of July, Almendria and Ambestan launched a series of raids on multiple nations via Discord nearly simultaneously, affecting Unified Royal States of Australis, Nationalist Empire of Kauluzzi and the Republic of Azeria[1] Around a similar time, raids were also conducted against the servers of the Kingdom of Centralia and the Republic of Galte[2][3]

The raids mainly consisted of Tizian and Dominic mass pinging the @everyone ping on all channels. As a result, following the attacks the Nexan Republic assisted the victims of the raids in installing anti-raid protocols, termed Portal Keys onto the servers[1].

Conflict and Embargo

Following the 19/7 Attacks, the leader of Azeria alleged that they had received a forged United Nations document from Almendria, noting a declaration of war[4].

Following the discovery of Almendrias co-operation with hostile cells, the League of Independent Nations announced a full embargo of the nation, barring all trade, blacklisting all individuals and terminating all treaties.[5] This was followed up on the 15th of August by NeoUK ordering a similar embargo[6].

Explosion of Internal Tensions

Later on, the Anti-Tizian Action rebel faction led an attack on Almendria, finally revealing the cracks in the nation[7].

Eventually a coup was led by Neil Jolsten, resulting in a new regime taking hold, and all Autonomous Republics liberated. Despite this, Tizian Aruna and his loyalists still maintained a rump government elsewhere, fully kickstarting the civil war proper.[8]. The civil war would eventually die down.