Empire of Centralia

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Empire of Centralia
Keskaraē er Centralie
Flag of Centralia
National Arms of Centralia
National Arms
Motto: In cordibus nostris et custodiat in lucem.
Anthem: Centralian Glory!
Largest cityEnker
Official languagesEnglish, Finnish, Cernabek
Recognised national languagesEnglish and Romanian
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Konstantínos I
• President
• Lord/Lady Mayor of the Sovereignties
Independence from United Kingdom w:United Kingdom and Grand Fesmarian Empire
• 1st Independence
February 27th 2020
• Joined the Grand Fesmarian Empire
September 6th 2020
• 2nd Independence
September 12th 2020
• Transition to Nova Tromsø
October 19th 2020
• 2020 estimate
9 (residents)
CurrencyCentralian Hex and Euro
Time zone UTC-0:20 (Centralian Capital Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Empire of Centralia (/sɛntræl.ə/) [Sen-tral-iya], more commonly known as Centralia and formerly known as the Kingdom of New Hexthorpe was a self proclaimed sovereign state, known as a micronation to external observers, located in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. The Emperor first established the Kingdom in February 2020. It was a constitutional monarchy, with Konstantínos I as the Emperor. The capital was Brabandy.

Centralia was an Absolute Monarchy, but in June 2020 the King gave powers to the office of the President. The Emperor was officially the head of state and excersized his ceremonial roles often.

Centralia wanted peace in the community and opted to stop warmongering.


The nation was re-named to 'Centralia' due to the fact that Centralia was located mostly in the centre of the island of Great Britain. The name 'New Hexthorpe' stemmed from the suburb that bordered Centralia. The name Centralia means Land of Central, which also stems from the location.


The first physical flag of Centralia hastily being flown.

Some time around late February, Iggy had been thinking about starting a nation after what he had seen other people do. He then proclaimed what would later turn out to be Centralia. After a period of 2 months isolation from other nations, he joined the MicroWiki@Discord.

During talks with the Emperor's friend, they agreed to cede their territory, now known as Coravinsk, to the nation. Centralia was created during the Covid-19 outbreak. HRM Emperor Zachary I of Elba became the 1st Minister of Foreign Affairs in May 2020. Centralia took part in the Ernestian Civil Dispute and sided with the Republic of Ernest who is a good ally of them. Centralia declared war on the Rebel Republic of Ernest on the 13th of May 2020.

Centralia assisted the coalition against the Communist Union of Almendria during many conflicts and a war known as the TOES-Almendria War. After the conflict ended, Kauluzzi invaded and nuked the Centralian discord server and claimed it. However, these claims were soon dropped.

In August 2020, Centralia ascended to the Cupertino Alliance as a member state.

Centralia joined the Grand Fesmarian Empire in September 2020.[1] It soon left the empire.

Some time around late July 2020, Centralia went into a state of inactivity.

In Mid-October 2020, Centralia ceased to exist as the state of Nova Tromsø inherited the Centralian territory (minus Saundersland and Wilkesfield).[2]

Politics and government

Like stated before, Centralia was a constitutional monarchy, specializing in maintaining a social climate and keeping good diplomatic relations. The president had not been elected, due to a lack of active Senators. There was a Grand Senate, where laws and decisions were made and passed using a voting system. Voting consisted of all Senators voting on a law or decision that ends up with it being passed, not gaining a favour in parliament or the King vetoing the law if necessary.

The President was the head of the government and ran most of the nation. The Lord/Lady Mayor of the Sovereignties was essentially the President’s deputy but the role granted specific permissions.

If there was not any individual in these positions, the King could use powers to run the nation until one was elected.

Elections were on hold, as the nation is in a state of inactivity.

Law and order

The crime rate was 0% in Centralia. There was a police force with one head officer and that's about it. The King usually dealt with court.

Foreign relations

Centralia had relations with many nations. The page on it's said relations is currently unfinished.


The military force of Centralia had never been used properly. The standard weapon was the Centralian Handspear. It is/was a small device with a small drill piece on the top of it. It was not meant to be used to attack the enemy. It was used to intimidate them. Blowdarters carried a bag of either garden peas or small pebbles that they could use as blowdart ammo. They hid in the closest foliage and then they would attack.

Geography and Climate

The weather was usually broadcast by macronational television. Terrain in the nation could vary from slightly hilly to completely flat. It was just grassland. In the park in the area which Centralia claimed, it was also regularly grassland, with some nearby foliage and heavily vegetated areas. The average temperature was around 5-10 °C in the winter and 16-29 in the summer.


Centralia didn’t have imports or exports. The economy waw in a process of stagnation. The Centralian currency, the Hex, was worth 0.26 (GBP) and only a few notes had been minted. In July 2020, Centralia passed a vote that made the Euro the secondary currency.

Culture and media

Education isn't a worry as macronational schools are used. The main media outlet was the press with a weekly or bi-weekly issue to the population. There was a Centralian YouTube channel which has only 1 video (the national anthem). The anthem was to be used at the end of the broadcast. Macronational television and newspapers were also used frequently.


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