Rebel Republic of Ernest

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The Republic of Ernest was a micronation based in Minnesota.

Republic of Daravied
Flag of Rebel Republic of Ernest
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• Premier
• Census
CurrencyPossibly the USD


The flag is depicted as an inverted coloured version of the Pepsi.Co symbol.


The Rebel Republic split from the Republic of Ernest in April 2020 and proceeded to steal the flag. He then proclaimed to be the sole leader of Ernest. (See Ernestian Civil Dispute) After peace was declared, the Micronational Community recognises the Republic as the sole Ernest and the Rebel Republic as a rebellion. The President, Isaiah David, has stated that he will keep on using the name Ernest after being told not to. The Grand Micronation Alliance then shifted the representative from Cooled to the Grand Duke Sertor. On the 5th of May, elections for the office of Premier were held. Cooled won with 44.4% of the vote, with Johann becoming Vice Premier with 33.3% of the vote. A peace treaty was passed through Congress on the 13th, changing the name temporarily from Ernest to Ernesto, amongst other things. Cooled asked for ideas for a new name.