League of Independent Nations

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League of Independent Nations
Formation5 January 2019
(5 years ago)
FounderTaninim Long
Founded atAlaurentia
TypeMicronational organisation
Official language
English, Esperanto
Executive Director
Tyler Mullins of New Athens
Main organ
Assembly of the League of Independent Nations

The League of Independent Nations, also known as the LIN, is a micronational organisation founded on 5 January 2019. The LIN is classified as a developmental intermicronational organization, as it is dedicated to taking in new Micronations and assisting in their growth through mutual cooperation and a series of nation building initiatives and direct guidance to build the strongest, most serious nations possible. Any nation can apply for membership here.


The LIN was first formed on 5 January 2019 as a response to the August Uprising. All member communication took place on the official LIN proboards forum. On 14 April 2019, the Arundel Convention was ratified and became the official charter of the LIN. As membership grew, new LIN programs began to form. One of the first purposes of the League was to organize territorial claims so to avoid overlaps, and, therefore, conflicts. The Arundel Convention ensured that any member nation may claim its independent territories, and all other member nations are bound to respect these claims. Another goal of the League was to create an environment where all member nations recognize one another other's sovereignty and independence. By becoming signatory to the Arundel Convention, a new nation automatically gained the recognition of all older nations. On the proboards forum, the League also provided virtual areas where all nations may establish diplomatic relations with one another, regardless of physical limitations. Similarly, the nations gain the opportunity to participate in events such as the intermicronational Olympian Games (not affiliated with the Olympic Games), and even to participate in the Council for Intermicronational Freedom Enforcement. Additionally, all member nations had the ability to use and exchange YRON coins, for the purpose of intermicronational trade. The YRON does not replace the nation's currency, it only acts as a standard to exchange with other nations. However YRON coins could serve as virtual currency for the nations that had none. A marketplace was available for the purpose of trade. Finally, nations were able to operate their own dedicated subforums on the League proboards forum. This helped increase their exposure, and facilitate citizen growth.

Towards the end of 2019, an event took place that came to be known as the "Promatia Incident" where the League became involved in a conflict with the Promatia project.

Promatia requested to become a member of the League. However a month later it was found that Promatia was organizing a coup within a non-member nation, in an attempt to merge that nation into theirs. Concerned, several nations of the League formed a temporary committee to investigate, as Promatia's behaviour was detrimental to the values enforced in the League. Promatia reacted by leaving the League. After which Promatia proceeded to leave "micronationalism", only to return a few months later, to resume their attempts of merging other nations into theirs. Consequently, the League and the Promatia project became vehement opponents in their corner of the micronational community.

At the start of the new decade, the nations of the League agreed that they would not be seeking recognition from the United Nations. It was found that the UN was the author of several controversial policies, policies that conflicted with the freedoms valued by the majority of the League's members. Instead, they agreed that the League itself would set out to become a new platform for emerging nations across the world. The League had the advantage that, unlike the UN, none of its member nations are at war with one another; instead of which its members were actually supporting one another and growing stronger, despite being completely independent.

In January 2020, Alaurentia and the Kingdom of Stratton extended an invitation to Taiwan to join the League. Taiwan replied that it would keep the proposal under consideration. Having established contact with Taiwan was a great honor for the overwhelming majority of the nations of the League. [citation needed]

The Republic of Neilston developed a program to raise awareness on dyspraxia, and therefore reduce the discrimination and ignorance on that developmental coordination disorder.

Several nations of the League intended to work together to write a book, and there were talks about a news outlet in which every member nation would be able to share their news in a convenient fashion.

On 20 February 2020, the LIN proboards forum mysteriously vanished from the internet and all LIN activity came to an abrupt halt. Confused and concerned, many LIN members took to email and reddit, attempting to communicate with their allies and find out what was going on. It was discovered that the LIN Chairman, Taninim Long, had simultaneously dissolved his nation, Alaurentia, and the LIN, and had left the micronational community. Shortly after, Desslok V. Nafage of the Nexan Republic reformed the LIN, created a new proboards forum and invited the now former LIN members to join. Under Desslok the League reformed under the Libertas Convention, which sought to replace the Arundel Convention but continue to serve its purpose. The new LIN carried with it revival of old projects as well as new projects, with one of them being the rebirth of the YRON currency. The scopes remained relatively the same, granting mutual recognition, defense, assistance, and now with it a platform for new projects to emerge. The New LIN took a hand in personally helping nations develop, taking in any Micronation that fell within parameters of the Convention, with the intent to help them improve and provide guidance.

Around the start of June, 2020, the proboards forum was replaced with a discord server, as many member nations were becoming increasingly active on the discord platform.

On 9 September 2020, a member nation motioned to make the League more democratic, through the formation of a league parliamentary assembly. After support from the chairmen and the members, the Assembly Bill was drafted. It served to form the parliamentary assembly and establish guidelines for how it would operate and its scope of powers. It was passed through a simple majority vote. The Assembly Bill also called for the creation of a new administrative position in the LIN, known as the Mediator General, who is tasked with presiding over the assembly sessions and keeping detailed records of proceedings for a six-month term. An election for the position was held and Tyler Mullins of the Free Nation of New Athens was elected. Shortly after, a regular schedule for assembly sessions was developed. Assembly sessions would take place every other week and those present would propose and discuss new legislation, new applicants, and LIN policy.

With the main goal of the LIN being to assist members in growing their nations through mutual cooperation, new programs were created to help serve this goal. Some of these programs include internet privacy help, constitution help, wiki help, design help, and space research sharing.

25 May 2022 marks the Desslok Incident. Desslok subsequently resigned as Head Chairman and the Nexan Republic was removed from the LIN. Emperor Vincent of Haskaria became the interim head chairman until proper elections could be held. On 12 June 2022, Tyler Mullins of New Athens was elected by the Assembly to be the third Head Chairman of the LIN. On the first of October, 2022, the 2nd Charter of the League of Independent Nations went into effect. This document would replace the Libertas Convention as the primary legal document of the LIN. In addition to a number of minor changes, the 2nd Charter would absorb the majority of legislation which had passed assembly and combine them into one document. It would also slightly restructure the structure of leadership within the LIN, renaming the Head Chairman to the Executive Director, merging the Chairmen of the Court with the Justice Committee to form the Judiciary Court and renaming the Mediator General to simply, "Mediator of the Assembly."


The LIN structure consists of the Executive and the Assembly of member nations.

Executive Director

Executive Director
Tyler Mullins 12 June 2022 – Present
Tanner of Ducie 6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
Vincent Pault 27 May 2022 - 5 June 2022
Desslok V. Nafage 12 March 2020 - 26 May 2022
Taninim Long 5 January 2019 - 20 February 2020

The Executive Director is the highest-ranked official of the LIN. The Executive Director shall make executive decisions and appoint members of the Cabinet. The Executive Director is elected every 2 years, with terms beginning on March 1.

The Judiciary Court

Current Justices of the Court
Matthew Tonna of Melite
Vincent Paul I of the Haskarian Empire
Tanner of the Commonwealth of Ducie
Edison of Project New World
RichRacc of the Internet Organization
Elijah of Corollia
Phof of Vineland
E.Tšaikovsky of Kirael

The LIN has a Court that oversees new applicants into the LIN. They have the power to approve or disapprove of any nation seeking to join, this is to enforce the micronational standard of preventing simulationists, rogue states, terrorist groups, or any unfit entities from joining the LIN and keeping the coalition free of potential anti LIN nations from slipping through the application process.

Chairmen of the Court have the power to Approve or disapprove new nations entry into the LIN, by voting yay or nay to their applications, the Head Chairman also votes with them, The Court can also review cases of nations that may be involved in practices that may be anti - LIN by principal, a good example of this was Promatia during the investigation in the old LIN.

The League Assembly

Mediator of the Assembly
Daniel of the Imperial Kingdom of Mdtessk 7 November 2023 - present
Elijah of the Grand Duchy of Corollia 15 August 2022 – 7 November 2023
McKay C of the United States of the Rocky Mountains 5 July 2022 – 31 July 2022
Alexandros Irikladis of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun 9 April 2022 – 20 June 2022
Tyler Mullins of the Free Nation of New Athens 7 October 2020 - 9 April 2022

All member states become part of the assembly, which is the legislature for different member states to convene, They have the power to propose changes and reforms to the LIN, as well as work together with the other branches to roll out projects and initiatives that work to improve the micronational community.

The Assembly is divided into two diets, one consisting of heads of state of various nations, and the other of chosen representatives to speak on behalf of the LIN member states when needed, Both houses are equal in power and work together for the betterment of the community.


On 4 April 2021, the Departments Act of 2021 was ratified by the assembly. It created the first three of the following departments, each comprised of a committee and overseen by the department secretary. The Department of Cyber Security was created on 9 April 2022.

Department Secretary Description
Department for Economic Development Soaringmoon of Regelis The Department for Economic Development shall deal with issues regarding trade, agriculture and economics.
Department for Technology Soaringmoon of Regelis The Department for Technology shall deal with issues regarding technology, design and privacy.
Department of Public Relations Tyler Wilson of New Athens The Department for Communications shall deal with issues regarding public outreach and relations, culture, and advertising campaigns.
Department for Cyber Security Tyler Mullins of New Athens The Department for Cyber Security shall oversee the security of the digital assets of the League of Independent Nations.

Each Department may pass bills related to the Department’s functions through a committee vote, without the vote of the entire Assembly. Departmental legislature passed by the department’s committee can be removed from use if the LIN Assembly objects, meaning >50% of participating members are in objection.


With the main goal of the LIN being to assist members in growing their nations through mutual cooperation, LIN programs were created to help serve this goal. Some of these programs include:

  • Internet privacy help
  • Constitution help
  • Wiki help
  • Language learning
  • Design help
  • Space research sharing


Note: The date joined for many members may not be entirely accurate, as records of the true date of their joining was lost upon the deletion of the original LIN proboards forum. As a result, the date joined is noted as the date the member nation joined the reformed LIN.

2019 ?—    
2020 20—    
2021 35+75.0%
2022 21−40.0%
2023 24+14.3%
Information taken from every year

Full members

Flag Name Date joined
1 Commonwealth of Ducie 10 May 2020
2 The Free Nation of New Athens 10 May 2020
Haskarian Empire 30 May 2020
4 Regelis 4 June 2020
5 Internet Organization 15 July 2020
6 Republic of Kirael 14 April 2021
7 United Kingdom of Akreatopia 25 July 2021
8 United States of the Rocky Mountains 6 November 2021
9 Grand Duchy of Corollia 31 January 2022
10 Republic of Vineland 18 December 2021
11 State of Aleutia 18 December 2021 (Aleutian Federation) 16 November 2022 (current)
12 Empire of Pabistan 25 May 2022
13 Imperial Kingdom of Mdesk Chdoinzarneina 18 July 2022
14 Gunakian Empire 18 July 2022
Autonomous Province of Silavere 29th September 2023

Provisional members

Flag Name Date joined
1 Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba 6 November 2021
2 Soviet United Revolution 18 December 2021
3 Commonwealth of All Monmarkia 29 January 2022
4 Empire of Victorium 21 May 2022
5 Marquisate de Odieval 26 June 2022
6 Democratic Christian Federation of Melite 24 October 2021
7 The United Empire of Lachland & the Galactic 26 July 2022
8 Federal Union of Democratic Soviet Socialist Republics 11 February 2022
9 Imperial States of Forestria 11 February 2022
10 Draft:The Kingdom of The Viking Crusaders 30 April 2023

Former members

System for applying

The application form can be found here: https://forms.gle/FHoCrUtVvk8jeGtK9


Under the Revitalized Membership Act, 2020, the requirements for provisional membership are as follows:

  1. The applicant must complete the official LIN application form (this form).
  2. The applicant must have, at least, a first draft of a constitution.
  3. The applicant must not be presently in conflict with, or presently enforcing sanctions on, any full or provisional member of the LIN.

Failure to meet all of the above requirements will more than likely result in your application being denied.

Provisional membership

All nations applying to join the LIN are required to participate in a provisional member period before being promoted to full membership. Once all of these requirements are met, the provisional member nation is immediately promoted to full membership.

The requirements to elevate from provisional member to full member are as follows:

  1. A minimum of two months as a provisional member.
  2. A completed and ratified constitution.
  3. Becoming signatory to the Libertas Convention using the official Libertas Convention signing forum.
  4. Participating in a minimum of 2 assembly sessions.

The restrictions placed on provisional members include:

  • Provisional members are ineligible to run for an elected position or serve on the court.
  • Potentially limited access to certain LIN programs and projects.
  • If a provisional member nation has not attended 4 consecutive assembly sessions, a motion to open a simple-majority vote to revoke their provisional membership status can be proposed during an assembly session. If the motion and the vote pass, the nation will no longer hold any form of membership status within the LIN but can re-apply to the LIN at any time.

Affiliated Organizations

Organization Name Description
Kongreso de Esperanto Mikronacioj The KDEM is an organization created by president Sylvie Vaux of Sunseva, which consists of nations adopting esperanto as a secondary

language within their nation, and are practicing together, often with Duelingo lessons. [Discord Server]

Micronational Scientific Council A collection of nations that vow to use their collective mind and genius to expand the scientific community within the micronational community.

Their first goal is robotics, and medical advancement, with other projects later pending. Discord Server

Micronational Graphic Design Service The MGDS is an organisation run by Lawrence Martin to help members with government seals, logos, flags, passports and currency.
Micronational Historical Foundation A now mostly defunct organization founded by Phof of the Republic of Vineland to document micronational history.[1]