League of Independent Nations

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League of Independent Nations
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters Proboards (Old LIN Forum)

Official language English

Membership 50 full members, 0 provisional members, 0 observers

Chairman Taninmin Long of Kebec
Chairman Prince Ziegler of Ustea
Chairman Tyler Hilber of Stratton
Chairman Eoin O Neil of New Antrim
Chairman Desslok V. Nafage

– Foundation 5 January 2019
– Convention ratified 14 April 2019
- Dissolution 20 February 2020
- Revival 14 February 2020
- Arundel Convention 15 February 2014
Defunct website

The League of Independent Nations is an association of micronations, that was started as a result of the August Uprising. It primarily aims to enforce the independence and individuality of a all member micronations. It aims to become the one micronational standard. Any micronation leaders may join the benefits of the League of Independent Nations, by simply registering an account on the official forum. Upon joining, leaders are encouraged to sign the Libertas Convention, which replaced the Arundel Convention of the Old League. This Convention ensures that all micronations are bound to respect one another's sovereignty.


One of the purposes of the League is to organize territorial claims so to avoid overlaps, and, therefore, conflicts. All member nations are required to respect one another's territories. As such, any member nation may claim its independent territories, and all other member nations are bound to respect these claims.

Another goal of the League is to enforce an environment where all member nations recognize one another other's sovereignty and independence. By becoming signatory to the Arundel Convention, a new nation automatically gains the recognition of all older nations.

As it is centered around the Arundel Convention, member nations are provided with a definition by which they can prove their sovereignty. This definition is heavily inspired from the Montevideo Convention, as it enforces the Declarative theory of Statehood. However it is modified so to apply for a more modern era, and so to apply for the rest of the world (as the Montevideo Convention was intended for the American continent).

The League also provides for virtual areas where all nations may establish diplomatic relations with one another, regardless of physical limitations. Similarly, the nations gain the opportunity to participate in events such as the intermicronational Olympian Games (not affiliated with the Olympic Games), and even to participate in the Council for Intermicronational Freedom Enforcement.

Additionally, all member nations gain the ability to use and exchange Yron coins, for the purpose of intermicronational trade. That coin does not replace the nation's currency, it only acts as a standard to exchange with other nations. However Yron coins may serve as virtual currency for the nations that have none. A marketplace is available for the purpose of trade.

Finally, nations may request their own dedicated subforums on the League. This may help increase their exposure, and facilitate citizen growth.

Notable developments

Created to enforce the individuality and independence of its members, the League has been involved in a conflict with the Promatia project. At the end of 2019, Promatia requested to become a member of the League. However a month later it was found that Promatia was organizing a coup within a non-member nation, in an attempt to merge that nation into theirs. Concerned, several nations of the League formed a temporary committee to investigate, as Promatia's behaviour was detrimental to the values enforced in the League. Promatia reacted by leaving the League. After which Promatia proceeded to leave "micronationalism", only to return a few months later, to resume their attempts of merging other nations into theirs. Consequently, the League and the Promatia project became vehement opponents, and the two main forces in the micronational community.

At the start of the new decade, the nations of the League agreed that they would not be seeking recognition from the United Nations. It was found that the UN was the author of several controversial policies, policies that conflicted with the freedoms valued by the majority of the League's members. Instead, they have agreed that the League itself would become the new platform for emerging nations across the world. The League does have the advantage that, unlike the UN, none of its member nations are at war with one another; instead of which its members are actually supporting one another and growing stronger, despite being completely independent.

In January 2020 Alaurentia and the Kingdom of Stratton extended an invitation to the Republic Of China, commonly known as Taiwan, to join the League. As the Republic Of China has been kicked out from the United Nations, who favored the People's Republic of China, the League of Independent Nations proposed that the Republic Of China become an eminent member of the League instead. Taiwan replied that it would keep the proposal under consideration. Having established contact with Taiwan has been a great honor for the overwhelming majority of the nations of the League.

Awareness and goodwill programs

The Republic of Neilston has developed a program to raise awareness on dyspraxia, and therefore reduce the discrimination and ignorance on that developmental coordination disorder.

Publications and media

Several nations of the League have come together to write a book, and there are talks about a news outlet in which every member nations will be able to share their news in a convenient fashion.

The New League - FFiS Conflict.

After the dissolving of the League in late February, the League was divided into two factions, after posts regarding the activities of the Nexan Republic's military projects were unvieled in the R/micronations subreddit. Causing an argument within the Alaurentian nation that caused it's dissolving, the League and it's chairmen saw this as a violation of the Arundel Convention. bringing Alaurnetia's leader Tanimin Long to dissolve his Nation and the League all together, mass chaos soon ensued and the majority of the league became divided into two camps. The Newly revived League of Independent Nations led by Desslok V. Nafage of the Nexan Republic, and the Forum for Innovative States (FFiS) of which Kebec, formerly known as Alaurentia, became an eminent member.

over the course of the next few weeks condemnations and infighting between the two factions lasted until March 6th where the New League and the FFiS, both in the interests for the benefit of the micronational community stopped hostilities against either side, Taninmin apologized retracting his condemnations of the Nexan run League, and in short the rest of the FFiS appeared to follow suit, the LIN responded in kind with gratitude of their sincere apology.

Member States of the League of Independent Nations (All known Nations)

The LIN Under Desslok

New League of Independent Nations
Intermicronational organisation
LIN logo.png

Headquarters Proboards (New LIN Forum)

Official languages English, Esperanto

Membership 30 full members, 0 provisional members, 5 observers

Head Chairmen Desslok V. Nafage
Chairmen of The Court Prince Ziegler of Ustea
Chairmen of the Court King Tanner of Ferabotna
Chairmen of the Court King Tyler of Stratton
Mediator General King Tyler of New Athens

– Foundation 5 February 2020
– Convention ratified 14 April 2020
- Implementation of 2020 Convention 15 April 2020
Official Forum, Discord Server

With the New LIN Revived and a concordance signed between Tanimin and Desslok, the LIN moved to enforce a new standard, taking with it strengths from the old League and make into a more efficient and running machine that is the League we know today.

Under Desslok the League reformed under the Libertas Convention, which gave the purpose the Arundel Convention sought to build a strong coalition with backbone and strength. While Tanimin was the purpose. Desslok brought with the League New strength and Power. No longer would the LIN be a loose association of Micronations, but an Efficient, Orderly and oiled machine for developing new Micronations, working towards making a better community, and protecting the Micronations community from threats abroad.


The New LIN carried with it revival of old projects as well as new projects, one of them being the rebirth of the YRON currency, which had been used to be an active system of trade between micronations, The scopes remained relatively the same granting mutual recognition, defense, assistance, and now with it a platform for new projects to emerge such as Economic Trade Alliances (ETA's) for building up Micronational economies.

The New LIN took a hand in personally helping nations develop, taking in any Micronation that fell within parameters of the Convention, with the intent to improve and provide guidance from the most senior members, nations such as The Nexan Republic, Reglis and other Veteran nations have provided significant impact in the development of nations such as the Internet Union, the Urban Republic of Dinasia, and countless others.


The New League gave a new Organizing of power into three main bodies, of which the LIN Convene to coordinate business in an efficient and orderly manner.

The Head Chairman

Being the original leader who revived the League after it's dissolution, Desslok declared himself Head Chairman of the LIN, believing himself to be needed to provide a strong handed leadership with the new Convention, the League was in chaos and fell apart from its dissolution, and under his guidance the LIN is rebuilding it's ranks, both in the form of new nations applying and grandfathering in states from the original League.

Under the Libertas Convention, The Head chairman has the powers to Dictate trade with other YAMOs, Declare rivalry which implements Diplomatic Embargo on Hostile anti LIN powers, Declare a State of Emergency to stabilize the LIN in times of duress, and Veto proposals from the Assembly.

These powers were used to put a Diplomatic Embargo on the Communist Union of Almendria, which has a very controversial reputation in the Micronational Community and has been an enemy to the Nexan Republic directly as well as the Community.

The Inter-Micronational Court

The LIN has a Court that oversees new applicants into the LIN, they have the power to approve or disapprove of any nation seeking to join, this is to enforce the micronational standard of preventing Simulationists, Rouge States, Terrorist Groups, or any unfit entities from joining the LIN and keeping the Coalition free of potential anti LIN nations from entering.

Chairmen of the Court have the power to Approve or disapprove new nations entry into the LIN, by voting yay or nay to their applications, the Head Chairman also votes with them, The Court can also review cases of nations that may be involved in practices that may be anti - LIN by principal, a good example of this was Promatia during the investigation in the old LIN.

The League Assembly

All member states become part of the assembly, which is the legislature for different member states to convene, They have the power to propose changes and reforms to the LIN, as well as work together with the other branches to roll out projects and initiatives that work to improve the micronational community.

The Assembly is divided into two diets, one consisting of heads of state of various nations, and the other of chosen representatives to speak on behalf of the LIN member states when needed, Both houses are equal in power and work together for the betterment of the community.

Notable developments

The New League developed on a new forum shortly after, and begun using a new format to engage users with the use of Canva, an app for making high quality content to engage and wow the audience with, Along with a series of speeches and announcements to the Community, at the sight of the new LIN members began joining again and the coalition begun to grow again.

War on Terror

The FFIS and LIN had become friendly after the emergence of a new enemy in the form of "Perfection" a terrorist organization infiltrating the community to recruit leaders of the Micronations community for it's goals to "Protect the Innocent, Kill the Guilty, and Take over the Universe."

Following their leader's attempt to recruit Desslok, the Nexan War on Terrorism had launched to clean out the community from extremism such as this.

Insiders came to Desslok informing him of the activities of Perfection such as plans to invade Syria, Clear land in a genocide, Cannibalism, and Other extremist stances that shocked the LIN, within a few days the LIN coalition against Terrorism had formed, Bringing an ongoing conflict for the length of 4 months.

The LIN with Assets and support from the community, e

x Perfectionists, the FFIS, and others, managed to push back against Perfection, gaining an increasing mountain of Evidence, in it showing plans gathering Details on the Nexan Chancellor and his family, insider stories of their experiences in Perfection, Attempts to reform perfection, Evidence of a supposed attack that left more questions than answers, a Nexan - Police coordinated Operation has been working to Contain perfection, and operates on a guideline to fight the Extremist ideology's presence online.

The New LIN has succeeded at driving Perfection out, having their members leave after seeing the truth behind Perfection.

Opposition to the UN

The problems burdened with the UN and NATO, of which the Previous and Current LIN have decided not to seek recognition, as well as seek to implement an alternative to their stance of appeasement to all sides.

The LIN under the Nexus has adopted a Directionist stance, Instead of appeasing nations of any ideology, or taking sides on divided issues, The LIN is neither an alliance for Capitalist, Socialist, or Communist micronations, It serves as a vessel to facilitate the growth of Micronations, advance secessionist causes and Grant states a crutch to grow upon, all unified a Directionist vision of moving the LIN forward.

Ideological bias has no place within the LIN, as it's requirements to join are to merely fit within the Libertas and be signatory, nations work together as vested interests politically, militarily, and

Micronational Growth

The Greater Kingdoms of Monmark under the LIN and The Republic of Sunseva have risen from small and underdeveloped micronations to strong micronational powers within the Community, Growing a good population and citizenry before arising and becoming active participants in the LIN's mission, helping other micornations as The Nexus has to them.

Protection of Sovereignty

For some Micronations fleeing a bad situation where they are being targeted by nations such as Almendria or Arkovia, the LIN has allowed for fleeing states to join and enjoy protection within the League's ranks, Giving any fledgling state instant protection, recognition and a chance for good relations with all member states within the LIN, This was done when Hausenwald and Flagia had fled from Almendria's control by joining as LIN states. "The Blue Gate" Is the nickname for this policy.

15 October

On 15 October 2020, Monmark and Sunseva(now Maple), announced their intentions to leave the LIN citing internal problems, and with Monmark citing transphobia from a member of the League's leadership, this sparked a largely unprofessional argument in the league, during which, Atiera, Galte, Centralia(now Nova Tromsø) also announced intentions to leave, and the Republic of Ustea was expelled for the transphobia and for attacking nations because of this, although this was later revoked on the condition that Ustea no longer hold leadership positions in the league.

Branches of the LIN

The League of Independent Nations is branching out and beginning to make new organizations within itself that have worked to benefit the community and the LIN states themselves.

Organization Name Description
Kongreso de Esperanto Mikronacioj the KDEM Is an organization created by president Sylvie Vaux of Sunseva, which consists of nations adopting esperanto as a secondary

language within their nation, and are practicing together, often with Duelingo lessons, Thisorganization has 8 members, including Sunseva, The Nexan Republic, The Kingdom of Galte, And Ferabotna.

[Discord Server]

Micronational Scientific Council A collection of nations that vow to use their collective mind and genius to expand the scientific community within the micronational community.

Their first goal is robotics, and medical advancement, with other projects later pending.

[Discord Server]

Relations with other Organizations

The LIN seeks to reach

LIN - Federation Relations

the FFIS is not dissolved but is inactive, it's members have moved to a new organization known as the Federation of Pangaea.

The LIN and the Federation of Pangaea are seen as two extremely influential powers in the Community who despite the LIN being ideologically opposed to their vision of a One world super state, work together cordially on common goals, Tanimin Long and Desslok V. Nafage are also personal friends, chatting daily and extending good will and friendship between the sides.

The two organizations appear to have differing views on Globalism, While the LIN seeks to protect the indivudal soverignty of Micronations, the Federation seeks to unify them into a super state, The LIN despite this, still has good relations with the Federation, being as Desslok Quotes: "

Member States of the New League of Independent Nations

On September 27th of 2020, The LIN has successfully reached 30 member nations! Rising the league back up to the massive number's it's previous in had brought up to.

Former members

  • Maple Autonomous Region