Urban Republic of Dinasia

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Urban Republic of Dinasia
Official Flag of the Urban Republic of Dinasia
Coat of arms
Motto: Nec proficere sine pace, sine pace nulla libertas. (Latin: No progress without peace, no peace without freedom.)
Anthem: Undetermined
CapitalDinasia (City-State)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
• (... for now) census
CurrencyDinasian urba
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the League of Independent Nations

The Urban Republic of Dinasia, more commonly known as Dinasia, is a micronation. Recently founded, it is planned to become a city-state divided into eight administrative districts along with a central area for the national government and embassies.

The Dinasian government consists of the Council, which creates the laws, the executive branch, which executes the laws, and a system of courts that interpret the laws.

Dinasia aims to have peaceful relations with other Micronations, preferring to solve conflicts with words over weapons.


The name "Dinasia" is a combination for the Welsh word for city, dinas (sometimes spelled ddinas), combined with the -ia suffix indicating a place.


Dinasia, being a new micronation, has little history.

Politics and government

The national Dinasian government follows a common three-branch organization used by multiple nations, consisting of a legislative branch, an executive branch, and a judicial branch.

The national Dinasian legislature is known as the Council. Plans are for it to be composed of 3 nationally elected councillors, who run the Council and only vote when there is a tie, along with five councillors elected by each district, who vote on all laws and who draft district bylaws, making 43 councillors in total with the current 8-district plan. Councillors are elected using a single transferable vote (STV) system where voting citizens rank candidates in order from preferred to least preferred, and the number of votes required to be elected is determined using what is known as the Droop quota. The Council is responsible for creating laws for the nation and for approving appointed officials.

The executive branch consists of a President, currently Ashton Snapp, and shall also consist of a Vice President for each district, and an advising group formed from the heads of different government departments. The President is responsible for executing the law and being involved in the process of lawmaking. Each Vice President acts as the executive for their respective district, with their responsibilities including running district meetings, advising the President on the citizens, and being involved in national lawmaking.

There shall be eight departments: the Department of External Affairs (DEA) which is responsible for foreign affairs and diplomacy, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) which is responsible for public administration, running elections, immigration, etc., the Department of Education (DoE) which is responsible for educational standards, the Department of Health and Agriculture (DHA) which is responsible for food and healthcare standards, the Department of Finances, Commerce, and Labor (DFCL) which is responsible for the economy, the Department of Self-Defense and Security (DSDS) which is responsible for defending the country, the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement (DJLE) which is responsible for the justice system and law enforcement, and the Department of National Development (DND) which is responsible for urban development.

Law and order

Dinasia uses a common law based hierarchical system of courts.

At the head of the judicial system is the Supreme Court. This is the highest level national court, which always has appellate jurisdiction. It also has original jurisdiction in cases between Dinasia and a district, between two districts, cases involving foreign diplomats, and cases brought by citizens of a foreign nation. The Supreme Court can also use appellate cases to perform judicial review.

The Supreme Court is staffed by one chief justice and at least two secondary justices. They hold their office during good behavior, and are paid an agreed upon wage at agreed upon times, which cannot be changed. These justices are appointed by the President and approved by the Council. Also, the Chief Justice alone presides over impeachments.

National courts inferior to the Supreme Court can be created via national law. The lowest level national courts have original jurisdiction in cases involving residents of multiple districts and in criminal cases where an individual or group committed crimes in multiple districts. National courts higher level than that have appellate jurisdiction.

The same applies to district courts, but to any cases not already mentioned. Districts also have a Superior Court, which is second only to the Supreme Court.

Foreign relations

Dinasia prefers diplomacy when possible. As of now, Dinasia has become a member of the League of Independent Nations, a process which involves reading and signing the Libertas Convention, as well as being approved by the LIN chairmen. Along with its membership in the LIN, Dinasia also has direct diplomatic ties to the Nexan Republic. Dinasia is open to diplomatic relations with only two exceptions: nations that restrict or oppress certain inalienable rights and freedoms, and warmongering nations.


The Dinasian Self-Defense Force, as its name suggests, will be primarily for defending Dinasia. Secondarily, due to the Mutual Defense clause in the LIN's Libertas Convention, the Self-Defense Force must also help other LIN member states defend themselves when requested.


Dinasia's planned currency will be called the urba, represented by the symbol Ʉ. One urba can be divided into 1,000 mill, represented by the symbol ₥.

The Department of Finances, Commerce, and Labor (DFCL) is responsible for minting the currency, as well as maintaining the treasury, taxes, things in that nature.

Dinasia will also have multiple forms of business entities, ranging from the simplest Sole Proprietorship to the largest LLC.

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