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The Internet Union
The flag of the Internet Union.png

Vias pacificis, virtutibus pacificis. (Peaceful ways, peaceful virtues).
World Wide Web
Capital citySellersville, PA
Largest citySellersville, PA
Official language(s)English
Short nameIU
- PresidentUndoified
- (role unknown)RichRacc
- Head of TechnologyUndoified
- Lower HouseThe People
Established5 April 2020
Area claimed622 sq miles
Population15 citizens
Time zoneEDT
National sportEsports
National drinkCoffee
National animalWhite Tail Deer
This nation is a member of the LIN.

The Internet Union is a micronation that has the sole purpose of uniting the Internet. Their stated goal is to establish The Internet Union as a world superpower as to have control of a large portion of websites. Some said priorities of The Union are Economic development, Member Growth, Service creation, and many more things. They are hosted by

International Policy and Economics

The Internet Union's policies for war are not very outlined, however they do say, "we are not capable of war on any front, therefore we cannot wage it. This means that anyone who declares must have some digital advantage over us". The Internet Union, despite it being online predominantly, has come to the grand conclusion that their idea is possible. As we all know how much economical activity flows through the internet each day. If someone was able to harness that economical power, the possibilities would be endless. That is what drives them to be the way they are nowadays. Accepting of many, from anywhere.


The Internet Union has had its fair share of turmoil in its lifetime as a recently budding micronation. In early June, The Internet Union had a [[w:Communism|communis]t] revolution. The revolution lasted a total of 6 to 12 hours at the maximum. The reason it had taken place was apparently for no exact reason. According to The Head of Congress at the time, there was no reason why it had taken place and as the leader of the revolution, he was speaking for everyone. After that event had ocurred, The Internet Union had planned on reforming its constitution. However, they would not get to this as often as they would've hoped.


The government inside the union is a unique one. They claim to be democratic. Although, they haven't had an election in a while. This could be due to the low amount of members and the community being somewhat stagnant. However, their leader claims they have a bright future. The Government consists of a President, Vice president, and department heads. Those department heads can appoint members to created positions in their respective departments. From an outside prospective it may seem very dysfunctional. Although, that is not the case. An online nation is indeed possible!