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Leonardium, also known as the Federation of Leonardium or the Federation of Leonardium and Fedeniosa is a micronation located in Central Italy more specifically in Abruzzo and Spoltore.

Federation of Leonardium
CapitalSouth Genico
Official languagesItalian, English, Anglo-Italian
Time zoneUTC + 1

Start of Leonardium

Leonardium started off after Leonardo Battistelli (The founder of Leonardium) watched a video about Molossia and got inspired to make a micronation of his own.

The micronation of Leonardium was founded in late 2016 and didn't last long since in was merely an idea and not a formal nation with government,population or even proper identified land and was shortly dismantled in 2017

In August 2020 Leonardo and one of his friends Federico, re-created the nation assigning a piece of land to their rival called Lian and decided to war each other for supremacy; after three wars:

-Independence war

-Reclamation of the Park

-3rd Leo-Liamesh War

Leonardo and Federico won, they gave their new nation the name of "The Kingdom Leo-Fedeniosa" later to be changed to "Federation of Leonardium and Fedeniosa" Now Leonardium had a new stable beginning