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Communal Republic of Pacificonia
National Emblem
Motto: Friendship and Unity
A new day has arrived
A map of the territorial claims of Pacificonia
Map of the territorial claims of Pacificonia
CapitalRoyston - Juniper
Largest cityRoyston
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary dominant-party liquid democratic republic
• President
Tyson J
• Prime minister
LegislatureNational Assembly
Independence from United States
• Declaration of Independence
11 July 2017
• Current constitution
30 December 2020
• Total
0.05 km2 (0.019 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyIntori (INT; ɨ)
Time zoneUTC - 7
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.pc (proposed)

The Communal Republic of Pacificonia, or Pacificonia, is a self-declared nation that most outside observers would call a micronation located in the Northwest United States. Pacificonia is a democratic nation, though the current president has no term limits, with a government the is defined by its constitution. The highest power in the government is the National Assembly where most laws are drafted and then voted on. The politics of pacificonia are very progressive with a variation of socialism being used as the economic policy. The capital city Kona is located in a small enclave in Washington state. The main territory is located on Dune Peninsula in Tacoma Washington. Pacificonia also claims a small enclave in central Oregon which acts as the temporary capital when the leader is away. The official language is English, but all languages are recognized. Culturally Pacificonia is quite similar to the United States although with many differences.

Pacificonia Was founded as the continuation of the nation of Hopeland founded in 2016. Originally the land of the nation was a small corner of a room but it soon expanded to the whole room eventually. The name Pacificonia was chosen due to the nations location and the fact that it was located in a corner. The name was changed to the Kingdom of Pacificonia in 2018 when it became a monarchy. The name changed according to the ideology of the nation with the current name being the Communal Republic of Pacificonia. A possible name change has been proposed but it is only a small idea.

The government of Pacificonia is democratic in nature. A National Assembly is responsible for representing the people in the government of the country. According to the 2020 constitution, Pacificonia is a nation built on peoples participation in government and democratic decision making. Pacificonia is very progressive in its social policies giving all people an equal place in society. The economic policy is based on socialism with Pacificonian characteristics, a variant of socialism specifically suited for Pacificonia.


Founding of Hopeland

The flag of Hopeland 2016-2017

Not much history survived from this period of time, but Hopeland was thought to have been established in September 2016. Before this the soon to be leader of Hopeland, Tyson was part of a group designing seasteads that were to be made into a country. But after learning about micronationalism, Tyson decided to found a country in his own bedroom. Soon a blanket fort was built and a flag was drawn and taped up to the wall and the nation of Hopeland was founded. A friend of Tyson learned of Hopeland and decided to create his own country called Triangleville. The two countries became allies and worked together to develop their nations. After a few months of being active Tyson started to lose interest in Hopeland and put the project on hold. The country was active durring this time, but only for brief periods in between inactivity. Eventually Hopeland was dissolved in 2017. But interest continued in micronationalism and Tyson attempted to create many more countries such as Gotzenburg which was based in a creek. These countries had little activity and were forgotten about soon after being made.

Founding of Pacificonia

Pacificonia was established around July 10, 2017 when its flag was first taped to the wall over the territory. Soon after creating the county, Tyson elected himself the first president of Pacificonia and officially created a government. Back in the early time of Pacificonia not many records were kept but a few documents remain. One of those documents is a certificate of an alliance between Pacificonia and Teguam. Teguam was a nation started by a friend of president Tyson after receiving help from Pacificonia. Soon after Pacificonia also help the nation of Southerania establish its self. The three nations made an alliance, called the United Islands, to promote other people to start new countries.

Woven flag era

About half a year after declaring itself an independent republic, Pacificonia became a monarchy with King Tyson as its monarch. During this period there was significant growth in the membership of the United Islands. Pacificonia helped at least five nations, being Cancorum, Junaria, Onarida, New Stanford and Jackland, become independent throughout this time period. Due to the number of nations in the United Islands, there was naturally some conflict. At the time Pacificonia claimed at least ten islands in the south Pacific Ocean. Many other nations in the United Islands had conflicting claims. This led to wars being declared, alliances ended and new pacts forming. The conflicts ended when the nation of Onardia was dissolved and Junaria became an autonomous zone in Cancorum. Even with these agreements, hostilities continued with Teguam and Junaria over minor things.

By the end of 2018, the system of government that Pacificonia was using was starting to collapse. Junaria had an ongoing independence movement that was blocked by Teguam. Pacificonia supported Junarian Independence but never allowed it due to backlash from Teguam. Eventually, Pacificonia Voted, along with Cancorum, for Junarian Independence. This was known as the stairway agreement due to the fact it happened on a staircase. Soon after the signing of the Stairway agreement Teguam cut ties with all nations and formally dissolved its self. This marked the end of the United Islands. Also included in the stairway agreement was that Pacificonia would no longer be a monarchy, and would instead be a republic. For the rest of 2019 Pacificonia along with Junaria claimed an archipelago of fictional islands. The woven flag era was named after the flag used during the time period. The woven flag era is looked back on with shame by modern-day Pacificonia

A map of the fictional island of Skenmadai claimed by Pacificonia in 2018

During the woven flag era Pacificonia made many exaggerated and fictional claims about the nation. Pacificonia claimed over ten islands in the south pacific at one point. There were also claims of having a population of two million people and having a full military. For most of 2019, Pacificonia was much more of a geofictional project than a micronational project. In current times, Pacificonia has denounced its fictional claims as well as history.

The Sunrise era

After its time as a geofictional project, Pacificonia decided to return to micronationalism by reforming the country. Pacificonia gave up all made-up claims about the country, such as territory, population and government. Pacificonia also tried to gain more citizens. For almost all of Pacificonia's existence, it only had one citizen. The goals of the new government were to rebuild the country from the times of the woven flag era. In October 2020 Pacificonia gained a second citizen, making the population more than one. Pacificonia also had its first real government meetings, with the first National Assembly happening on March 6, 2021. The sunrise era is though of as a rebirth or restart of Pacificonia.

Politics and government

Pacificonia is a one-party socialist state with a president. Pacificonia is democratically run with laws being voted on by the citizens. Currently, the government is focusing on environmental protection and climate change. The government is working to reduce the carbon footprint of the nation. The government is also trying to gain more citizens to further develop the country. The ministry of foreign affairs was established in 2020 to connect Pacificonia with the outside world.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the main executive branch of government in Pacificonia. The branch is made up of the president, prime minister and all the ministers from the different ministries. All the positions are elected during the National Assembly meetings. While Pacificonia is de jure a democratic country, constitutional ammendments have been made to allow the current president, president Tyson, to have an unlimited term. Constitutional ammendment were also made to give the president more veto power over laws. The minister present are.

  • Minister of foreign affairs
  • Minister of internal affairs
  • Minister of information
  • Minister of economy
  • Minister of health and safety

National Assembly

National Assembly of Pacificonia

The National Assembly is the main legislative body in the country. It is made up of 12 people, and elections are held every two months. The National Assembly is made up of delegates voted on by the people of the nation. These delegates elect the ministers, the prime minister, presidential candidates and economic advisors. The National Assembly makes all the laws and plans for the nation. The National Assembly was officially founded when the 2020 constitution was passed, and the first National Assembly happened on March 6, 2021.

There currently is only one political party in Pacificonia, the Pacificonian Progressive Party (P3). This does not mean that political parties are illegal. The government allows other parties as long as they are not opposition parties to the P3. Independents are also allowed to run in elections and serve for public office. The National Assembly currently has 2 members for P3 and 2 for Independent.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To establish diplomacy with Pacificonia a nation has to request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and get approval from the President. Pacificonia recognizes all UN nations as well as Palestine. Pacificonia also recognizes all micronations will good intent and will only maintain relations as long as the other country respects the sovereignty and government of Pacificonia. Pacificonia only seeks peaceful relations with any macro or micronation.

Pacificonia used to be a member of the United Islands International Alliance. The United Islands was a group of island micronations joined together. The United islands was dissolved in 2019 because of lack of interest from most of the members. Now Pacificonia is the only active nation of all the former United Island countries.


Military flag of Pacificonia

The military of Pacificonia is only to be used in defense and protection. the military currently only has a land division but water is coming in the near future. The only time military force was used was when Teguam threatened Pacificonia by trying to annex Ducie, a former island of Pacificonia. The conflict was short but Pacificonia won the battle. Military uniforms are a green coat and a protective hat. The military is currently equipped with rubber band guns.


Pacificonia maintains a socialist economy with no private enterprise and property. Money is not used much within the country but large exchanges are done using the national currency the Intori. Pacificonia also maintains a store of USD which it uses to import products. Duce to its size Pacificonia imports almost everything it uses. The main industry in Pacificonia is manual labor. Pacificonia's economy is governed by the economic plans created by the National Assembly.

Every month the National Assembly will elect the economic advisors. The economic advisors are responsible for drafting plans to help the economy of the nation. The economic advisors will make multiple plans on what to do, the minimum number of plans is 3. The economic plans are given to the next National Assembly meeting which votes on the finalist. The National Assembly will then vote to approve or deny the plan. If approved it goes into effect after the meeting, if denied the economic advisors are to revise it based on input.


The culture of Pacificonia is mostly American with a mix of socialism. American culture influenced Pacificonia from the foundation of the country. Even with that, Pacificonia maintains a collectivist culture based on mutual aid and a big community spirit. The people are very patriotic and also an internationalist. Most of all Pacificonia values fun and happiness as the top goals of the nation.

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