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United Pacificonian Island

For peace and for unity
The Anthem of the Ocean
Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.58.15 PM.png
Map of East and West Pacificonia
Capital cityDucie(Acadia) (Proposed)
Largest cityKornor
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Athiest
Short namePacificonia
- Vice-PresidentGeorge Pikano
- PresidentTy Ehiao
Area claimed5km²
Population5 (as of 2019)
Time zoneUTC-8 (Acadia)
National sportSweepball
National animalWhite Tern
This nation is a member of the UI PMA

The United Pacificonian Island, or Pacificonia, is a micronation in the south pacific and the United States. Pacificonia was founded on July 12 2017 after the dissolution of the Oceanus islands. Pacificonia is one of the members of the United Islands International Alliance a group of island micronations. The country itself is made up of 4 islands and 2 territories. The 5 islands are Ducie, Tikei, Maria, and Oeno. The 2 territories are Kornor and Juniper. Acadia is the proposed capital in the commune of Terria on Ducie. The de facto capital now is Kornor in the United States.

Pacificonia is a democratic micronation. The country is run by a president and is aided by the United Islands Council. Currently the citizens directly work with the government to make the country. A new constitution was drafted in 2019 to fit with the modern state of the county. Pacificonia has free trade agreements with UI member micronations such as Southerania and Cancorum. In recent times the government is proposing to created the PMA (Pacific Micronation Alliance) a union to bring together island micronations.


The name Pacificonia came from two words Pacific and Corner. The Name came from the idea that Pacificonia was the corner of the Pacific. The name of the territory Kornor also came from the same idea.


Pacificonia was founded after the dissolution of the Oceanus Islands where it was called Terraria. Terraria Joined with what is now Kornor to form Pacificonia. Pacificonia helped start the United Islands with Southerania an other country that was part of the former Oceanus islands. In 2018 Pacificonia Became part of the war for starbuck after it was disputed between two UI countries. Pacificonia along with southerania won and starbuck was given to southerania. Soon after the laws of the UI were changed to not allow for this sort of thing to happen again. Around the end of 2018 Pacificonia's government collapsed leading to the formation of the United Pacificonian Island the most modern form of the country. The first leader came back to power after being a puppet of the now defunct nation Teguciana.

Politics and government

Pacificonia is a libertarian socialist country with a democratic government. Currently the president does most of the running of the country. The congress does not fully exist due to the lack of participation of the citizens.

Law and order

Police and military are controlled by the same department. Pacificonia has had no crime bad enough for police action. Pacificonia encourages social workers to help the community with problems facing them. Police are a last resort for crime.

Foreign relations

All foreign relations of Pacificonia are currently done in person ether for the UI or IMNAI. Pacificonia is open to relations with any micronation just as long as the nation respects the sovereignty and government of Pacificonia.


The military of Pacificonia has only ever has to be used once during the war for starbuck. The military stands ready to go to action in any moment. Each island has a military post to defend against any invaders.

Geography and climate

White tern is the national bird of Pacificonia. It is commonly found on the island.

The islands of Pacificonia are mostly flat coral atolls ranging from 2km to 4km in area. The weather is tropical with highs in the 90s and lows in the 60s. The islands are located in the in the tuamotu and pitcairn islands in the pacific. Not many land animals are found on the island but there are large populations of birds. The territories are located in the pacific northwest in Washington and Oregon United States. Ducie the capital of Pacificonia is the farthest east island. The island is a crescent shaped coral atoll with four main islets Acadia Edwards Pandora and Westward. Ducie is part of East Pacificonia. Oeno the second island claimed in Pacificonia is also in East Pacificonia. Oeno is around 20km2 but land only makes a small part. Oeno has many sandy beaches and palm tree forests. Oeno is located to the west of Ducie. Tikei is the northernmost island in Pacificonia. Tikei is the largest island at 3.3km2. The island is covered in forests making it the most fertile island in Pacificonia. Maria is south west of Tikei and has an island shape similar to Oeno. It has four main islands all in a shallow lagoon. Maria is the westernmost island.


The economy of pacificonia is based of of agricultural exports and manufacturing. In the summer months crops like coconuts and other tropical foods are exported. Pacificonia will also be a vacation spot for tourists. Most of the farms will be located on Tikei and a few on other islands to support food. Many hotels will be on the islands for tourists or connecting passengers.

Culture and media

Pacificonia is home to UITV a multinational video studio that makes shorts shows and videos. Pacificonia also highly encourages artistic expression such as painting music and video. Sports played in Pacificonia are funnyball sweepball and klask these sports are taken real seriously in the country. while the official language is english Pacificonia also uses a conlang called Kiten/Angean.