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Abandoned articles are ones that have not been majorly improved by the original article creator or associated individuals for long period of time. Usually, abandoned articles will receive small improvements in grammar and spelling by lurking editors, but these are of no value to an article that has no foreseeable future.

The criteria for an abandoned article should match at least several of these points:

  • Has not undergone major improvements by the original article creator for at least 6 months
  • Riddled with spelling, grammar, layout, formatting, and other types of mistakes
  • Short in length and likely uses {{Stub}} or similar, however, not all short or stub articles are abandoned, some are actively worked on or set off to the side. Most abandoned articles range from a few sentences to one or two sections, and infoboxes should not be used as criteria to deem an article long or comprehensive of its topic.
  • Has little to no pages directly linking to it. Occasionally, abandoned articles will be included in navigational templates that will link to it from many other pages, in this case, links to the article must be removed from templates as well.

Articles meeting at least two of these criteria can be marked with {{abandoned}} and will automatically put into Category:Abandoned MicroWiki articles.

To mark abandoned drafts, please use {{Db-g13}}.