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Accredited media are the news sources approved to be shown on the Main Page. To ensure that the articles featured on the MicroWiki main page adhere to a high standard of journalistic standards, the MicroWiki Foundation requires news sites to go through an approval process before submitting articles. This process involves reviewing the credibility and quality of the news source and assessing the accuracy and relevance of the content they produce.

The approval process ensures that the news sources featured on the MicroWiki main page are reputable and trustworthy. This helps to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensures that users can rely on the information they find on the site. It also helps to prevent the spread of fake news or misinformation, which can be detrimental to the reputation of the platform and undermine its credibility.

In conclusion, the approval process for news sites on the MicroWiki main page is an essential part of maintaining the quality and integrity of the platform. By ensuring that only reputable and trustworthy news sources are featured on the main page, the MicroWiki Foundation helps to protect the credibility of the platform and provide users with accurate and relevant information.

Accredited media guidelines

Articles or content from accredited media must...

  • Be written in a proficient level of English
  • Use a subject’s chosen name, pronouns, and identity.
  • Not defame, demean, or personally attack individuals.
  • Be transformative content or provide meaningful commentary.
  • Be a written article on the subject, not a link to a video (though embedding one in the article is fine), not a link to a government publication, etc.
  • Not act as an advertisement for any entity (i.e, “Examplestan struggles to find candidates for upcoming election” is acceptable, “Examplestan invites interested micronationalists to join and run” is not).
  • To abide by this, articles should also not include discord or other non-relevant links in their article that could be seen as advertising.
  • Include appropriate, relevant, and authorized imagery in the article if any is used.
  • Be of improved or comparable quality as to that of when it was accredited.
  • Be directly related to micronationalism.

These guidelines may change without notice as time goes on. Violating these guidelines or MicroWiki rules and guidelines may result in the revocation of accredited status.

Requesting accredited media status

Accredited media must be requested through the official MicroWiki Discord server, and administrators should not be contacted directly. If your news source becomes accredited, please keep in mind the following...

  • You are not immediately authorized to put every article written by that source in the current headlines, not every article is a headline and you should use your own judgment or it may be moved to another section.
  • Further, you are expected to not flood the current headlines (or even more news) with your news source, be reasonable with how many articles are featured and if needed consider removing an article from your outlet instead of the oldest article to leave space for other outlets to be featured.
  • No matter where an article is published or shared, it is expected to abide by the accredited media guidelines.
  • The outlet that was approved is the only one that was accredited. Subsidiaries, parent companies, or other related companies do not become accredited by association.
  • MicroWiki as a content host reserves the right to remove articles from being hosted or displayed on the site for any reason it deems necessary without notice.

List of accredited media outlets

Outlet Associated users
Dracul1 Bran District
New Virginian Herald User:William GF Wilson
La Ganso Coronada User:Cloe de Sancratosia
Austenasian Times User:Austenasia
Royal Lyteran News User:NotAHamster
Lostisland User:Yaroslav
The Constantia User:Sertor Valentinus
Penn Press User:Devinpurcell
Slitronia User:JDFRG
Saspearian Broadcasting Company User:Emperor Anthony I
Purvanchal Times User:Oritsu.me
Imperial State News User:Themiget
Home-made Crown Journal User:Lyra of Little Skovaji
Adammic Express User:EmperorAdamI
Sirocco Times User:SiroccanGov
KBRN - Dracul 1 News User:Sluke91