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To help combat spam and malicious edits, MicroWiki utilises several automated filters to prevent as much disruption to the quality of the site as possible. Most of these automated filters function as a verification gate - usually users with edit count over a certain amount will never come into contact with them.

Some of these filters will notify you that the action you are about to take may be discouraged by the Staff and tag your edit accordingly. Other filters will prevent you from performing the action altogether. On very rare occasion, these filters may block you after warning you that confirming your decision to perform that action will result in a block. These blocks are very rarely for more than a few hours or a day. If any filter is malfunctioning, please report it to the user who last modified the filter (see below), or one of the active staff members.

Currently enabled filters

Below is a list of filters you might come across as a new user of MicroWiki.

New users blanking articles

For users with edit count less than 10 trying to blank (empty) an article of sufficient length (while not making a redirect), a message will be shown and the action will be prevented. If you wish for your new article to be deleted, consult the deletion policy or ask an administrator. Blanking an article is considered vandalism, even if you are the sole contributor.

Adding links to articles with fewer than 5 edits

Most spambots attempt to add outgoing links to their shady websites in an attempt to lure unwitting users to them. For this reason, we prevent users with fewer than 5 edits to add new links to external websites to any articles. You are welcome to add them after reaching that edit count, and you are allowed to make edits on your user page or for example the sandbox to achieve the five edits necessary, since spambots will never do that.

Editing instantly after making an account

Users have to wait at least 2 minutes after making their account before they can make their first edit. This measure is taken again to fight spambots, since most spambots usually try to edit instantly after making their accounts accounts. Please be patient and wait for the two to three minutes necessary and work on improving your draft before you are ready to submit it.

Cryptocurrency words detection (spam)

Perhaps a bit controversial, this filter detects words commonly used by spambots promoting cryptocurrency scams. This filter is also enabled only for users with fewer than 5 edits, so if you must add these words to the article, make sure you make at least 5 edits not including them beforehand. These words include: crypto, finance, market, exchange, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Creating very short new article

MicroWiki is a free and open encyclopaedia, but that does not mean we do not expect contributions to be of some quality. For this reason, we ask users to not create redlink saviours or any other type of short article in the namespace. You are welcome to make the page in your personal sandbox before you move it to the main namespace.

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