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Drafts are pages in the Draft namespace where new articles may be created and developed before being published on MicroWiki. Creating a draft is optional for experienced users of MicroWiki or articles with substantial content. Unlike full pages, drafts are not indexed by search engines.

How drafts work

Unlike Wikipedia, MicroWiki has no substantial notability requirements. However, in order to ensure the quality of our encyclopaedia, we require all articles to follow certain style requirements, to be of substantial length, be included in at least one category and generally be free of rendering issues.

Creating drafts

Users, especially new users, are welcome to create a draft for their micronation or other content related to their micronations. Drafts must be either in the draft namespace or the user's sandbox.

You can create a non-specific draft article by typing the name of the desired article below.

Preparing drafts

Edit your drafts as you see fit, until you think the page is ready for publishing. Edit the draft article with your preferred editor (ideally the source editor), use the available help to get the best possible first version of your article.

Publishing drafts

Publishing a draft requires using the page move function to move the article into the Main (article) namespace. Consequently, only users with the Extended confirmed user group and above are allowed to do so. When a draft is ready for publishing, users without access to the move function are welcome to contact users with said function enabled, or one of the active staff members.

Generally, please keep in mind in order to get accepted, your article should:

  • Have at least a lead section, formatted properly.
  • Be in at least one category.
  • Have one or several images if possible.
  • Be written in encyclopedic tone, stay away from informal language. Keep neutral point of view in your articles.
  • Be free of formatting errors, such as broken infoboxes.
  • Follow other conventions of the Manual of Style, if applicable.
  • Use appropriate templates, in case of a nation article, Template:Infobox country, for example.

Substantial length varies by the covered topic. A new article does not have to be lengthy, but no single sentence articles will be accepted.

What is exempt from drafts

Articles with the first revision of substantial quality are exempt from drafts. Said article must follow the style guidelines, be included in at least one category, ideally include an infobox and images if applicable, must be of substantial length, well structured, free of rendering issues, must not be a verbatim copy of the nation page guide or other pages. This is not a full list of what the article must necessarily follow, we ask the users to use common sense.

Getting help

In order to get help, we recommend using or contacting:

  • MicroWiki@Discord is the best platform for getting peer and staff support,
  • Staff on the Wiki,
  • any editors of MicroWiki.

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