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User rights define what actions each MicroWiki reader or contributor is allowed to perform on the Wiki. Each user of MicroWiki is allowed to contribute, as long as they are not blocked. There are several types of user rights a MicroWiki user may have and the groups are listed below.

Default user rights

While many users simply use the wiki as an archive, others actively help to maintain it.


Unregistered users are the default user group for all viewers that are not logged in. Unlike on Wikipedia, unregistered users cannot create nor edit pages on MicroWiki and are welcome to register.


MicroWiki users, also known as editors, MicroWikians, MicroWiki editors, or simply users, are the volunteers who write and edit MicroWiki articles, unlike readers who simply read them. Anyone—including you, can become a MicroWiki editor by boldly making changes when you find something that can be improved.

Registered users are allowed to create pages, edit existing pages, customize the look of the Wiki for their personal account, participate in MicroWiki projects and verify on the MicroWiki@Discord server. Newly registered users may encounter MicroWiki's automated filters to prevent spam and vandalism, but will not encounter them after they reach a certain number of edits listed below.

MicroWiki editors do a wide variety of tasks, from fixing typos and removing vandalism to resolving disputes and perfecting content, but are united in a desire to make micronational knowledge available to every person on the planet.

MicroWiki currently has over 78,468 editors who have registered a username.

Edit-based user rights

Edit count based user rights
User right Edits Users with role Unlocked actions
Approved 50 1,630 move, reupload
Extended confirmed 500 860 extended confirmed edit

Certain MicroWiki user roles are tied to the amount of edits a user has made, with the rationale being that users with higher amount of edits are usually more qualified to use tools with higher potential of abuse.


Approved users are users who have achieved 50 edits on MicroWiki. Users are granted the option to move articles and reupload existing files after reaching this milestone. These limits are placed upon new accounts due to recurring issues with vandalism. Membership in this group is granted instantly after making the 50th edit on the Wiki.

Extended confirmed

Extended confirmed users are MicroWiki editors that have achieved over 500 edits. Extended confirmed editors are trusted to edit some heavily vandalized protected pages.

Time-based user rights


Evaluation-based user rights

Approved media

Approved media users are users that

Currently, there are 17 users with approved media user rights.

Template editors

Template editors are users entrusted to edit highly used templates on the Wiki protected with the corresponding protection level.

Currently, there are 2 template editor users.


Bots are automated users running certain scripts to perform repetitive automated tasks. Bots must be approved by MicroWiki staff before being used, and must be operating under an account with bot user rights. This applies for users of AutoWikiBrowser as well. Bots must also be marked as a bot on their user page. Users running automated scripts on accounts without the bot user right may be blocked.

Currently, there are 17 bots.

Administrator rights

The symbol of a MicroWiki Administrator combines a globe with a broom, to signfy their custodian role.

Administrators are users who have been selected by the site owners to help with the day-to-day running of the Wiki. Administrators are entrusted with more user rights, such as the ability to delete and protect articles, block users, rename users and undelete pages.

All administrators are MicroWiki staff members and usually focus on a specific set of responsibilities that they volunteer to help with. Informally, there are the site owners, tech administrators, interface administrators (site designers), content administrators and administrators of other language variants of MicroWiki. Although this distinction is not apparent in the user rights, each administrator may specify their area of focus on their user page.


Administrators, or content administrators, are users with the administrator user right. These users are primarily responsible for ensuring the Wiki policies are upheld and they may use their user rights to ensure so. MicroWiki administrators act in accordance with the policies of MicroWiki to ensure the site is a cordial community for editors with an interest in micronationalism, but also to ensure that the encyclopedia is of high quality. Administrators are picked for their contributions on the Wiki, especially contributions that improve the overall quality of the Wiki.

Currently, there are 29 users with administrative rights, which includes administrators with higher privileges and bots.


Bureaucrats are part of the MicroWiki staff that are able to grant user rights to other users. Usually, these users are also regular administrators, but may fulfill different duties and are usually given the Bureaucrat roles for technical reasons.

Direct requests for user rights will be ignored by all Bureaucrats.

Currently, there are 5 users with bureaucrat rights.