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  • This particular feed is intended to showcase the best micronational journalism, reporting on major issues.
  • General content should be added to Template:Main Page/Internet newsfeed.
  • Original entertainment content should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Entertainment.
  • Analytical content and opinion pieces should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Other.
  • Eight headlines only - when adding new links, delete the one at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.
  • If an addition to this feed is considered unsuitable by an administrator (e.g. should it not be from an approved publication (see below) or if the event reported on is not considered headline-tier), it will be moved to the appropriate newsfeed.

When adding headlines

  • Please use the flag of the nation in which the publication is based. It is irrelevant as to whether or not the publication reports mainly on international news; if it has a micronation in which it is based or with which it is otherwise primarily affiliated, it should use that micronation's flag (in the same way, a B.B.C. article would be given the British flag). The exceptions to this rule are the Coprieta Standard, The Glastieven, and the G.U.M. News, all of which are totally unaffiliated with any micronation.
  • A truly well-written article's first sentence or two should be good preview text.
  • Finish all previews with ellipses ("..."), even if the preview already finishes at the end of a sentence.
  • Do not include bylines, datelines, or similar pre-article matter (e.g. "MINSK —" or "John Citizen —") in previews.
  • Do not add "BREAKING". It is totally unnecessary.
  • Instead of using the hyphen character, please consider using the dash character (–).


As of 23 April 2015, the administration has decided to put in place a policy to the effect that only approved publications may post news to the headlines newsfeed. We have in recent months seen numerous articles posted which were not of a quality deemed suitable for the headlines. The list of approved publications is below - if your publication is not on the list, then please do not add an article to this newsfeed, but to "Other news". Approved publications have been chosen for their acceptable standard of writing and journalism. ONLY AN ADMINISTRATOR may add (or subtract) from this list, but users are welcome to request that their publications be considered for inclusion.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A new policy concerning approved headlines has been put in place. Please ensure you have read and understood it before editing the newsfeed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


His Highness the Sovereign Prince has issued a decree by which a Regency is to be instituted till the 21st of June 2020. The exact reason for the Regency is not stipulated in the decree...
In a shock move to combat the severe lack of political action and infighting, King Alexander has dissolved Parliament and the Council until an election can be held on July 1st, 2020, effectively giving him Absolute Power...
Yesterday saw Lord Edward Gunderson replaced as Deputy Prime Minister with Lord John Gordon, after Gunderson’s town of Dragovina was dissolved. Using the emergency powers he assumed on Monday 25th to restore order and unity to the country, Emperor Jonathan I yesterday dismissed Lord Gunderson from his Austenasian positions and offices, and appointed Lord Gordon...
Today, May 29th, Newton von Uberquie made an unexpected move and abdicated the throne of the Abeldane Empire at 1653 EDT. Following this, Nicholas Kaos accepted his position on the throne at 1716 EDT...
As the Réma Treaty of Union has been finalized and legal union is less than 72 hours away, the Uber-Essian political landscape has begun to come into form with the formation of a pro-Union political party and the appointment of the inaugural Union Parliament...
At 8:53PM UTC today Abeldane Emperor Newton made a shock announcement of his abdication from the Abeldane throne, just 2 weeks before the 2 year anniversary of his ascension to the throne. The shock announcement comes only a month before scheduled legislative elections, and in the aftermath of considerable turmoil in the Empire following the GUM membership referendum and the controversial enactment and subsequent repeal of the Scone Act by imperial decree, despite having been rejected by the Reichsversammlung...
Newton von Uberquie has abdicated the Abeldane throne, saying that he no longer had the support of the Empire’s founders...
In the wake of Ashukovo’s seventh anniversary of statehood, which occurred on May 25, the Ashukov Central Bank released, for the first time ever, a series of Ashukov denar banknotes. Created in June 2013, the denar is Ashukovo’s national currency. It has been pegged to the euro since early 2020, committed to keeping it within 5% of 10 denars to the euro. The 2020 series features 11 acclaimed historical and micronational figures...