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  • This particular feed is intended to showcase the best micronational journalism, reporting on major issues.
  • General content should be added to Template:Main Page/Internet newsfeed.
  • Original entertainment content should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Entertainment.
  • Analytical content and opinion pieces should be added to MicroWiki:Media/Other.
  • Eight headlines only - when adding new links, delete the one at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.
  • If an addition to this feed is considered unsuitable by an administrator (e.g. should it not be from an approved publication (see below) or if the event reported on is not considered headline-tier), it will be moved to the appropriate newsfeed.

When adding headlines

  • Please use the flag of the nation in which the publication is based. It is irrelevant as to whether or not the publication reports mainly on international news; if it has a micronation in which it is based or with which it is otherwise primarily affiliated, it should use that micronation's flag (in the same way, a B.B.C. article would be given the British flag). The exceptions to this rule are the Coprieta Standard and the G.U.M. News, both of which are totally unaffiliated with any micronation.
  • A truly well-written article's first sentence or two should be good preview text.
  • Finish all previews with ellipses ("..."), even if the preview already finishes at the end of a sentence.
  • Do not include bylines, datelines, or similar pre-article matter (e.g. "MINSK —" or "John Citizen —") in previews.
  • Do not add "BREAKING". It is totally unnecessary.
  • Instead of using the hyphen character, please consider using the dash character (–).


As of 23 April 2015, the administration has decided to put in place a policy to the effect that only approved publications may post news to the headlines newsfeed. We have in recent months seen numerous articles posted which were not of a quality deemed suitable for the headlines. The list of approved publications is below - if your publication is not on the list, then please do not add an article to this newsfeed, but to "Other news". Approved publications have been chosen for their acceptable standard of writing and journalism. ONLY AN ADMINISTRATOR may add (or subtract) from this list, but users are welcome to request that their publications be considered for inclusion.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A new policy concerning approved headlines has been put in place. Please ensure you have read and understood it before editing the newsfeed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


On June 6th, 2015, the Republic of Abies was established on a whim from finding the micronational community and the MicroWiki. Now, 6 years, 2 declarations of independence, and plenty of name and flag changes later, the State of Pacem stands in its place, and today, June 6th, 2021, Pacem celebrates this longevity on Pacem Day...
On the 22nd of May, members of the Greater Tytannia Local Council voted to pass a resolution creating a Greater Tytannia Constabulary, a local police force for the province. Whilst there has been no official comment from local leaders as to the reasoning behind this unprecedented move...
The House of Citizens met on the 30th of January, where the government introduced two key bills. The first was the long-awaited Budget for the 2020-21 financial year, which alongside routine expenditure and Sovereign Grant provisions, set out the voluntary tax scheme...
In a new take on how micronations conduct diplomacy, on 22 May 2021, First Secretary James Bornstein of Desert District sent two physical copies of a treaty of mutual recognition between...
One of Austenasia’s oldest international friends, the Kingdom of Wyvern, has entered into an official alliance with the Empire of Austenasia upon the signing of a treaty earlier today between the sovereigns of the two countries. Although Austenasia maintains close and friendly diplomatic relations with numerous nations – forty two, at present...
AS the world begins the slow recovery to normalcy, so does Lundenwic with the Eurovision Festival. Restrictions were eased in Lundenwic to accommodate the event with guidance being observed. All of the attendees had either had negative lateral flow tests or been vaccinated...
A new Barony was today annexed as the Barony of Jansenburg. It formerly housed members of the formerly existing army, who were honorary citizens...
In celebration of his sixtieth birthday, HIH Emperor Father Terry has been granted the unprecedented title of Pater Patriae by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor. Jonathan I announced the bestowing of the title...