Great Kingdom of Slitronia

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Great Kingdom of Slitronia
Slitroonia Suurkuningriik (Estonian)
Coat of arms of Slitronia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Sapientia, Amicitia, Unity"
Wisdom, Friendship, Unity

Slitronia (Green) in Europe

Slitronia (Green) in Estonia

Map of Slitronia
Slitronia located in Europe, Estonia
CapitalParva Navale
Official languagesEstonian, English
No official
Demonym(s)Slitronian, Slitroni
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary semi-executional monarchy
Johannes I
Independence from Estonia
• Declared independence
11 April 2020
• Total
10.936 km2 (4.222 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
• Density
19.08/km2 (49.4/sq mi)
CurrencySlitronian kroon, Baltic schilling (de jure), Euro (de facto) (SLK, EUR)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (AD)
Driving sideright
Calling code+372
GUM 3-letter codeSLI
IMSO 1 codeSLT
Preceded by
Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi

Slitronia (/slitrəʊəniɑː/, Estonian: Slitroonia, Estonian pronunciation: [slitroːniɑ]), officially the Great Kingdom of Slitronia (Estonian: Slitroonia Suurkuningriik), is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation to external observers. It is located in Northern Europe and is enclaved by the macronation of Estonia. The territory of Slitronia consists of the mainland and six islands on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, which have been divided into one county, one territory and one region, covering a total area of 10.936 km² (4.222 square miles). Slitronia's capital Parva Navale, and the largest city Kalamaja are the largest urban areas in the country. Slitronia declared its independence on 11 April 2020. The official languages spoken are Estonian and English.


Before Slitronian declaration of independence, there was a contest to decide on the flag and the name of the nation. The name Slitronia came from the combination of the two highest-voted names, being Slijoodu and Trumba.[1]


Historical affiliations

 Estonia until 2019 (de jure) until 2020 (de facto)
Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi 2019–2020
 Slitronia 2020–present

Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi

The flag of the Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi

The beginning of the conception of Slitronia can be connected with a school group named Khuulide Khuttide Khlubi, that existed in both real life and on Messenger. It was created on 1 April 2019 and the last message on its Messenger group was sent on 10 April 2020, which was a link to the vote to choose a name and a flag for Slitronia. The only area it claimed was islands near Hiiumaa, which later became the first three islands of the Kasari Islands in Slitronia.[2]

Direct monarchy era


Slitronia, or as it was known in the first days, Slijoodu,[3] and after that Slitrumba,[3] was mostly a one-man nation in 2020. A lot of information about the first year is lost, because most of Slitronia's activity took place on now-deleted discord servers. One of the few things known about that time is that Slitronia signed a treaty of mutual recognition with Hasanistan.[4][5]


At the beginning of 2021, Slitronia was semi-active. Two new administrative divisions were created; the County of Torostar (16 March 2021) and the County of Kalamaja (18 May 2021). Slitronia also established contact for the first time with Revalia, a micronation in Estonia, which Slitronia found through the Nordic Assembly.

Slitronia established mutual recognition with the Kingdom of the Flemish Ardennes on 15 March 2021,[a] with the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary on 15 October 2021,[6] a treaty of alliance and mutual recognition with the Revalian Kingdom on 29 December 2021 at a real life meeting between the Revalian King Sander II and the Slitronian Great King Johannes I[7][8] and a mutual recognition with the Holy Esgeldian Tsardom on 18 January 2022.[9]

Slitronia also joined some micronational organisations during 2021, these being World Micronation Organization (27 April 2021 to 15 July 2021), which Slitronia left due to the organization being inactive, Nordic Assembly (30 March 2021) and the Baltic Union (31 December 2021).[10]


Slitronia was more active in the beginning of 2022, establishing mutual recognitions with the Principality of Moorsem,[11][12] State of Malus[13] and Mornastan[14] and joining the Alliance of the Micronations (13 March 2022), Grand Unified Micronational (25 March 2022; as an observer) and Micronational Olympic Federation (11 March 2022).

Slitronia also acceded to the Wrythe and Edgbaston conventions.[15][16]

Current era


The current era started with the first Imperium elections, from where the first Imperium was elected. After the first Imperium (10 July 2022) meeting administrative changes were made: The County of Kalamaja and the Capital City and County of Parva Navale were made into cities and the Area of Pääsküla Lake was created, all of which were placed under the Region of Tallinn. The Imperium also decided to withdraw the recognition of the Kingdom of the Flemish Ardennes, due to it having been inactive since its recognition.[17]

On 24 August the Imperium accepted the Foreign Policy of the Great Kingdom of Slitronia.[18]

Slitronia also left the Grand Unified Micronational on 31 August as it didn't renew it's observership status in time. The Great King Johannes I stated that Slitronia would apply again when they ratify the GUM charter, so they could apply to be a member.

On 18 September 2022 Slitronia signed a treaty of mutual recognition with Vishwamitra.[19]

On 4 December Slitronia ended their recognition of the State of Malus[20] and signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the splinter state Republic of Malus.[21] Two days later Slitronia signed a mutual recognition with the Cosminian Empire.[22]


Slitronia has a total area equal to 4.98 km² (1.92 sq mi). It borders Estonia on all of its sides, making it enclaved. The only exception to this are the Kasari Islands, which are surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Slitronia is located mostly between 59.5° and 59° N and 22.4° and 26.1° E. Slitronia has ten islands and two lakes. The most common tree species are Pine and Apple trees.


Slitronia is situated in the northern part of the temperate climate zone and in the transition zone between maritime and continental climates. Slitronia has four seasons of near-equal length. Temperature ranges from 17.5 °C (63.5 °F) in July, the warmest month, to -3 °C (27 °F) in February, the coldest month.

Climate data for the avarage of Kunda, Ristna and Tallinn-Harku (1991-2020)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 9.1
Average high °C (°F) -0.2
Daily mean °C (°F) -2.2
Average low °C (°F) -4.6
Record low °C (°F) -27.0
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 48.7
Average relative humidity (%) 87.3 85.7 81 76 73.3 77 78 79.7 81.3 83.7 87 86.7 81.4
Sunshine hours 29.7 58.8 148.4 217.3 306.0 294.3 312.1 255.6 162.3 88.3 29.1 20.7 1,922.7
Source: Estonian Weather Service[23]

Government and Politics

Slitronia is a Constitutional Monarchy. The Imperium works as the legislative and executive body. Citizens elect the Imperium.

Political Parties

Logo Flag Name Ideology Leader Members Seats in Imperium
Royal Party
Estonian: Kuninglik Erakond
Monarchism, democracy Johannes M. Toome 3
2 / 5
Slitronian Centre Party
Estonian: Slitroonia Keskerakond
Centrism Sander Koff 1
1 / 5
Correct Party
Estonian: Õige Erakond
Ulla M. Tangsoo 1
1 / 5
Slitronia's Social Democratic Party
Estonian: Slitroonia Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond
Social democracy Uku II 1
0 / 5


This is a table classifying Slitronia by different systems.

Classification system Rank Compared to last year
Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification Bricks and Mortar, Tiny, Community — 6th World Steady
Categoric-Gradial System of Classification 2.0 Steady
Linden's Revised System of Classification 2.2 Steady
Usian Bureaucratic Scale 1.0 Steady
Hamilton's Scale of Micronational Seriousness 2.6 Steady
Patel-McGrath scale 6.0 Steady
Tutmonda Alianco de Mikronacioj Takso-Sistemo 6.0 Steady

Foreign relations

Slitronia has recognized currently ten micronations and has an alliance with one micronation. Slitronia is a member of the Nordic Assembly, Baltic Union and Alliance of the Micronations, and was an observer in GUM, which it left due to not renewing its observership and a member in the World Micronation Organization which it left due to the organization being inactive.


The Slitronian Defence Forces are the main and only military force of Slitronia. They exist only in name, as it is unorganized and it has only three members from the beginning of Slitronia.

Administrative divisions

Slitronia currently consists of three administrative divisions: one county, one region and one territory:

Flag Arms Name Area (km2) Area % Map Population Date established
County of Torostar 0.278 km2 (0.128 km2 without water) 2.55% N/A 16 March 2021
Region of Tallinn 0.166 km2 (0.155 km2 without water) 1.52% 10 10 July 2022
Territory of Kasari Islands 10.491 km2 (0.241 km2 without water) 95.93% N/A 11 April 2020


In 2022 Slitronia had ten people as its citizens.

Gender & age

Slitronia's citizens are mostly male in gender. In the 2022 Slitronian census six people said they were male, one person said they were female, one person said they were other and two people did not answer. The average age in Slitronia is 18.5 years old, without including the ages that are very different from the others, the average age is about 14.7.


Slitronia's citizens are macronationally mostly Estonian, with only one person being Latvian-Russian. Micronationally, most people are Slitronian, with one person being Esgeldian and one person being Revalian.


For the first language almost everyone speaks Estonian, with one person speaking Russian as their first language. Everyone speaks English at least at a basic level.


Although Slitronia has no official religion, most of the citizens are religious, with only one citizen confirming to be irreligious. The majority of the religions followed are different types of Christianity, with half of all the citizens believing in it. Two citizens said they believed in Ususism, and one said they believed in Norse mythology.



The official currency of Slitronia is the Slitronian kroon, although de jure the Euro is used. Slitronian kroon currently has no banknotes printed or coins minted.



Slitronia has one government-owned broadcasting company: Slitronian Television & Radio (STR). Under STR there are 2 radio channels (Slitronian Radio 1 and Slitronian Radio 2) and 2 television channels (Slitronian Television 1 and Slitronian Television 2).


Slitronia has taken part in the TVB Microvision Song Contest since the 1st TVB Microvision Song Contest in 2021. Slitronia has also held Slitronian Song since the 2nd TVB Microvision Song Contest, to choose the song to represent Slitronia in the TVB Microvision.

National Holidays

The following table lists the National Holidays of Slitronia:

Date Name Description
1 January New Year The first day of the year
11 April Slitronian Independence Day A day celebrating the day Slitronia was founded
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve Last day of the year

National symbols

The flag of Slitronia is a tri-colour flag with the colours red, black and green, with red and green having extra triangles attached, that meet in the middle. The coat of arms of Slitronia is composed of a golden lion with three diagonal parts in red, black and green. The blazon of the coat of arms is: tierced in bend sinister bevilled gules sable and vert a lion or.


Slitronia has participated in the MOF Games one time in the year 2022, where they were represented by 1 athlete, who won 3 medals; 1 gold and 2 silver. Slitronia had put up a bid to be the host in the 2023 MOF Games but later retracted it due to uncertainty in their ability to reliably host the event.


  1. No actual treaty was made, the recognition was made purely through Discord messages.


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