Great Kingdom of Slitronia

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Great Kingdom of Slitronia
Slitronia Flag.pngNocoa.png

Non potest esse parvum, sed æquales sunt
Capital cityParva Navale
Largest cityParva Navale
Official language(s)Estonian, English
Official religion(s)Ususism, others
Short nameSlitronia
DemonymSlitronian, Slitroni
- KingGreat King Johannes I
EstablishedApril 11th, 2020
Area claimed2,88km²
CurrencySlitronian Pudelon
Time zone(UTC +2)
National animalBlack-headed gull

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The Great Kingdom of Slitronia, more commonly known as Slitronia, is a micronation in Europe. It is enclaved by the macronation of Estonia, and was created on April 11th, 2020.


The original name was Slijoodu, that was a winner of a naming contest. It was quickly combined with the name, that got the second place; Trumba, making up Slitrumba. On 13th April 2020 it was changed once again, the last name beeing Slitronia


Slitronia was founded on the 4. may 2020. The idea of the micronation was first presented 2. may 2020

Politics and government

The country of Slitronia is led by a group of leaders named Imperio. The Imperio consists of minimum 5 people, they being the King, one person chosen by the king, and usually 3 people chosen by the people of Slitronia.


The voting is done stately, that means, thet the person / party that wins in one of the states, will be the representor of the state, that they won in. A person cannot run for a place in Imperio in multiple states at once. This rule does not apply for parties, but if a party manages to win in more than one state, then the person representing different states must be different.