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Sublime State of Hasanistan
Flag of Hasanistan
Motto: Barış, Arılık ve Özgürlük
Peace, Purity and Freedom
Anthem: "Hasanistan, greatest country!"
Location of Hasanistan
• Shahanshah
HIM Shahanshah Daniyal[1]
• Başbuğ
Hasan Çakar
• Acting-President
Chase Nanatovich
Establishment7 September 2011

Hasanistan is a self-proclaimed state with territorial claims situated across the Greater Middle East region. Hasanistan has been described as a micronation or an alternative government by external observers due to its lack of international recognition and the minimal control over the regions it holds territorial claims upon.[2]

Hasanistan unilaterally seceded from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Bahrain on 7 September 2011.[3] Following the secession, an autocratic government led by the country's founder, Hasan Çakar, ruled the country for three years. The authoritarian government collapsed on 9 June 2013, following a political crisis between the government and elements of the military, and democratic reforms were implemented transforming Hasanistan into a democratic republic.[4] On 11 August 2016, Hasanistan became a territory of the Empire of Pavlov,[5] where it remained until Pavlov dissolved in 2017.[6] Following the dissolution of Pavlov, Hasanistan experienced an unstable period of independence for two months until it joined the Expansive Realm of Khorașan.[7] Hasanistan remained a territory of Khorașan for nearly a month until it unilaterally seceded due to instability and infighting within the Khorașani government.[8] Hasanistan became a monarchy under former Pavlovian emperor Shahanshah Daniyal in late 2019[9] and was incorporated among other realms he ruled over into the Tsardom of Montescano in early April 2020.[10] Later in the same month, during a political dispute between the Monarchy and Prime Minister, Hasanistan seceded from Montescano,[11] abolished the monarchy and re-established itself as an independent republic.[12] In August 2021, President Çakar contacted Shahanshah Daniyal with an offer to restore relationships, which was accepted after some communications between the parties. After these talks, Hasanistan officially became a Socii state of Pavlov and restored the Hasani Monarchy under Daniyal.[1]

An entity on Micras is named after and inspired by Hasanistan, although it does not share any formal connection or relationship with the real-world Hasanistan.

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