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Micras is the official name of a geofictional world that contains the fictional land holdings of many micronations and simulationist states. The vast majority of Shirerithian and other similar nations' literature use this map as the setting for their geofictional stories.

The Micronational Cartography Society maintains a current copy of the map and mediates disputes between nations regarding land claims.

Although some users of Micras classify their projects as micronations, most "classical" micronationalists dispute this definition, arguing that the entities of Micras are more properly defined as geofiction.


Micras is derived from Micron, the original name of the planet as named by Bill Dusch. Before Micron, the planet was simply called "The Microworld." Micron was derived from a shortening of "micronation", and was pronounced similarly to the measurement system of the same name and the fictional species. However, this was an unofficial name.


In 2002, the MCS held an opinion poll as to what the name of the world should be. Micron was there, but Fnord was also there as a joke choice. However, this joke choice soon became popular. Harvey Steffke told Scott Alexander, then head of the MCS, that if the world was named Fnord than he would have truly failed, everything he and the Flying Islands of Jasonia stood for was dead. He planned on writing a story on how the islands were blasting into space forever and trying to get them removed from the map entirely. The next day, the new name was announced: Micras. And they also said that they would not respond to blackmail in the future.

Micras, other than directly being derived from Micron, had two parts niftiness. It had the letters MCS in it (for the organization), and, backwars, had ARI in it, leading it to be an excellent choice for the name of the planet. Later on, it was made MCS policy for the official name of the planet, and is considered by the majority of those in the MCS to be the name.

It is also a fun fact that it is Soloralist dogma that the planet's name is Micras, a relic back to the days when it was not the only name for the planet.

Planetary Details

Micras is the second planet from the star Atos, an F6 class star.

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