Revalian Kingdom

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Revalian Kingdom
Revalian flag.png
Royal Arms of Revalia.png
Coat of Arms

Oh Flower of Revalia
Estonia, Harju region
Capital cityTrumpetburgh
Largest cityTrumpetburgh
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Lutheranism
Short nameRevalia
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingSander I
- Prime MinisterVacant
LegislatureRoyal Parliament
Established19 September 2020
Population17 (If non-locals included: 24) (as of 2021)
CurrencyRevalian Livre
Time zoneGMT+2
National sportFootball(soccer)
National animalCat
Patron saintSt. Anthony

The Revalian Kingdom, often referred to as Revalia, is a sovereign state located in the Harju region of Estonia. The nation’s head of state is King Sander I. Revalia claims to be the succesor of the estonian ancient county, Revalia (or Rävalia) which in estonian is Revala (or Rävala).


Early Era

Before the official independence, Sander Koff started Revalia as a successor to the Ancient County of Revalia, which existed 800 years ago. So the Kingdom of Revalia claimed the whole Ancient County of Revalia, which is the modern-day Harju County in the Republic of Estonia. Sander Koff wasn't aware of micronationalism then, so Revalian Kingdom existed mostly on papers.


The Revalian Kingdom was established because of many purposes; Sander Koff had just found out about micronational community and an organisation called ÜSSA was looking for an activity. Then Sander Koff, who was himself a part of ÜSSA, offered the organisation to merge into the Revalian Kingdom. The ÜSSA Council accepted and the Revalian Kingdom was officially established on 19 September 2020 AD in Tallinn, Snelli Park, in which the manifest of the Revalian Kingdom was first declared. The kingdom declared itself independent from Estonia. The founding fathers of the kingdom were Paul Koff, Sander Koff, Johhannes Thor Urke, Endel Pällin, Karl Marius Lensment and Kaarel Luikmel, who were all ÜSSA Councilmembers. Today, ÜSSA serves as the Secret Services of the Revalian Kingdom.

Regency Era

After Revalia was declared independent, Sander Koff was elected the Prime Minister. He also served as the Head of State, in the title of regent. During Sander Koff's Regency, Revalia made big diplomatic developments; signed treaties with very prestigious nations.

Sander I's Reign

On 27 April, Sander Koff declared himself the King Sander I of Revalia with the total support of Parliament, Cabinet and the Royal Privy Council.


Political parties

Party Ideology Leader Seats in Cabinet Seats in Parliament
Party "Literator" Nationalism, monarchism Paul Koff
3 / 7
3 / 9
Revalian Socialist Workers Party Socialism Kaarel Luikmel
1 / 7
1 / 9
Party of Regior Liberalism Endel Pällin
3 / 7
3 / 9
Fatherland Peoples Party Natinalism, conservatism Aaron Norman Pukk
0 / 7
2 / 9


Main Article: Government of Revalia

Government of Revalia is the Revalian Governing System. Legislative branch is the Royal Parliament and executive is the Head of State and the Cabinet, under the leadership of the Head of Government. The Head of State is the King and Head of Government is the Prime Minister. Cabinet is formed by the party that has the majority in Parliament. If one party fails to form the government alone, a coalition is formed between 2 or more parties. The King can veto laws, if he finds they are against the Constitution.


Main Article: Armed Forces of the Revalian Kingdom

The Armed Forces of the Revalian Kingdom are the military services responsible for the defence of Revalia. The military comes under three divisions; Army, Navy and Air Force. The Armed Forces of the Revalian Kingdom are managed by the Ministry of Defence and General Staff. The strongest is the Revalian navy, consisting of 5 ships.

HMS Odyssey Anchored


Revalia is located in northern Estonia, Harju region. Revalia claims small amounts of land in various places, most of the claims are in the city of Tallinn and the Käsmu Peninsula. All of these claims make an overall 2 square kilometers.

Administrative Divisions

Revalian Administrative Divisions are duchies, where the dukes and duchesses have constitutional right to govern.

Flag Coat of arms / Seal Name Annexed Population Representative
Trumpetburgh 19 September 2020 5 Governed By the Duchy of Tallinn
Flag of Jõelähtme Duchy.png West Duchy 19 September 2020 0 Duke Paul
Flag of East Duchy.png East Duchy 19 September 2020 0 Duke Indrek Koff, Duchess Eva Koff
Duchy of Tallinn 19 September 2020 5 Duke Jan Erik Ehrenberg, Duchess Maria Ehrenberg
Duchy of Keila 19 September 2020 1 Duke Joakim
Duchy of Kolga 19 September 2020 2 Duke Aivar, Duchess Kaie
Flag of the Duchy of Jõelähtme.png Duchy of Jõelähtme 19 September 2020 2 Duke Jüri, Duchess Tiia


Revalian culture is strongly nordic, though it includes more southern traditions like Football.

Football Federation of the Revalian Kingdom

Football Federation of Revalian Kingdom was founded by Paul and Joonas Koff. The president of the federation is Joonas Koff. The federation organizes Revalian Football League, Revalian Virtual Football League and most important subject of FFRK is National Football Team of Revalian Kingdom. The captain of the team is Paul Koff.



Revalia has a strong literature culture, as some of the Royal Family are writers themselves. The newest book Revalian Union of Writers (Under the leadership of His Royal Highness, Duke Indrek Koff) published was written by Her Royal Highness, Duchess Eva Koff and it was named "Bright Sleep" ("Kirgas Uni" in estonian).


Minced Meat Sauce with Potatoes

Revalian Cuisine is very special; food from all around the world is commonly eaten, although there are some very traditional nordic recipes that the Revalian Royal Cooking Association manages, under the leadership of Her Royal Highness, Grand Duchess Mai Rõuk. One of them, the most famous one is the minced meat sauce, "Hakklihakaste" or "Hakklihasoust" in Estonian.


Theater in Revalia is perhaps the most famous part of culture in Revalia. 3 of the Royal Family (HRH The Duke and Duchess of Tallinn, HRH The Earl of Käsmu) are professional actors, have acted in many pieces and movies. The Royal Revalian Theater Association under the leadership of Her Royal Highness, Duchess Maria Koff is in capable of managing the Royal Revalian Theater.


Revalian Evangelistic Lutheran Church is led by the Archbishop of Trumpetburgh. The current Archbishop is Archbishop Clemens the Hospitaller.

Coat of Arms of the Archbishop

Awards and titles of Revalia

Noble titles

Main Article: Peerage of Revalia

Also, look at: Monarchy of Revalia

Nobility consists of 9 ranks:

  • King/Queen
  • Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Marquis/Marchioness
  • Earl/Countess
  • Viscount/Viscountess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Knight/Lady


Medal name Design For which is granted Current holders
Order of St. Anthony Available at the page of the Order Available at the page of the Order Available at the page of the Order
Medal of Honour N/A It is granted only to Foreign Officials Available at the page of the Order
Order of Freedom Available at the page of the Order. It is granted for diplomatic merit. Available at the Page of the Order

Honorary titles

The honorary titles of Revalia are those given out in honour of those who cannot serve Revalia physically, but are awarded the titles in symbolism.

Award/Title Recipient Awarded
Honorary Vice-Admiral Kevin Baugh 4 January 2021
Honorary Vice-Admiral Jarl Juvan I 4 January 2021
Honorary Colonel Jackson I 5 January 2021

Foreign relations

Main Article: Foreign Relations of Revalia

Official alliances

The following states have signed treaties to create official alliances with the Revalian Kingdom.

Nation Date of Alliance Recognized as Status
Hjalskflag.png Jarldom of Hjalvik 24 January 2021 Independent nation Official Ally
URHTAL 1 January 2021 Independent nation Official Ally
Empire of Kapreburg 31 March 2021 Independent nation Mutual Recognition
Kingdom of Ikonia 1 April 2021 Independent Nation Mutual Recongition
Kingdom of Atiera 19 April 2021 Independent Nation Mutual Recognition
State of Vishwamitra 20 April 2021 Independent Nation Mutual Recognition
Kingdom of Queensland 25 April 2021 Independent Nation Mutual Recognition