Order of Freedom (Revalia)

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Order of Freedom
Awarded by the

King of Revalia
TypeOrder of merit
Established19 September 2020
EligibilityState and foreign dignitaries
Awarded forAt the monarchs pleasure
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignSander II
  • Grand Cross
  • Grand Officer
  • Commander
  • Member
First induction19 September 2020
Last induction21 August 2021
Total inductees17
Next (higher)Order of St. Anthony
Next (lower)None (lowest)

The Order of Freedom is a chivalric order in Revalia. It was created on 19 September by Regent Sander Koff.

Current design was adopted on 7 April 2021. It is designed by Varuna Sriraya.

It is awarded for international/diplomatic merit to domestic and foreign officials.

Grades and Insignia

Grade Name Design Awarded For/To
Grand Cross Revalian high-ranking officials, foreign heads of state
Grand Officer Revalian officials, foreign heads of state or other high-ranking officials
Commander Revalian civilians, foreign high-ranking officials, foreign diplomats
Member Revalian civilians, foreign diplomats, foreign civilians


Grand Cross

Name Post-nominals Conferred as Date of investiture
Revalia Sander I of Revalia KSAn GCF King of Revalia 19 September 2020
Revalia Paul, Duke of West KSAn GCF Minister of Foreign Affairs of Revalia 10 February 2021
Vishwamitra Varuna Sriraya GCF Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 20 April 2021
Kapreburg Jackson I of Kapreburg GCF MSAn King of Kapreburg 20 April 2021
Jarldom of Hjalvik Juvan I of Hjalvik GCF MSAn Jarl of Hjalvik 20 April 2021
Ikonia Abrams I of Ikonia GCF MSAn King of Ikonia 20 April 2021
Kingdom of Atiera Alexander I of Atiera GCF King of Atiera 20 April 2021
Queensland Edward IX of Queensland GCF MSAn King of Queensland 25 April 2021
Novus Hierosolymis Jayden I of Novus Hierosolymis GCF MSAn King of Novus Hierosolymis 18 May 2021
Aenopia Simon Reeve GCF Chair of the Cupertino Alliance 18 May 2021
Empire of Oskonia Tucker I of Oskonia GCF MSAn King of Oskonia 1 June 2021
Cheskgariya-Litvania Frederick I of Litvania GCF MSAn Grand Duke of Litvania 23 June 2021
Second Commonwealth of Australis Daniel I of Australis GCF Grand Duke of Australis 21 August 2021

Grand Officer

Name Nation/Organization Conferred As Date of Investiture
Revalia Kaarel Luikmel Revalia Revalian Ambassador to Estonia 20 April 2021
Chris Ramsay Nordic Confederation Deputy Executive President of Nordic Confederation 20 April 2021
Great Kingdom of Slitronia Johannes I of Slitronia Slitronia Great King of Slitronia 20 April 2021
Vishwamitra Tanishkaa Patranabish Vishwamitra Deputy-Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 30 April 2021


Name Nation/Organization Conferred As Date of Investiture
Revalia Clemens Quintus Revalia Revalian Ambassador to Netherlands 20 April 2021


Name Nation/Organization Conferred As Date of Investiture