Monarchy of Novus Hierosolymis

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King of Novus Hierosolymis
Rex Regnum Novus Hierosolymis
Jayden I
since 23 February 2021
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveHRH the Princess Martha
First monarchJayden I
Formation23 February 2021
ResidenceOverseas Royal Palace, Jayditaria

The monarchy of Novus Hierosolymis, which may be also referred to as the Novohierosolymian monarchy, is the executive monarchy of Novus Hierosolymis and all her territories. The current monarch and head of state is King Jayden I, who assumed the title on 23 February 2021.

The monarch and their immediate family (known commonly as the Royal Family) undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the monarchy is semi-constitutional, the monarch is limited to functions such as bestowing honors, peerages and titles, and appointing the Prime Minister, which are performed in a non-partisan manner, but is fully able, on their own will, to assent on Acts of Parliament, vote in parliamentary sittings, and dissolve the legislature. The monarch is also head of the Novohierosolymian Armed Forces. The Government of Novus Hierosolymis is known as His (Her) Majesty's Government.

Members of the Royal Family

Line of succession

  1. HRH the Princess Martha