Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis

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Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis
Regnum Novus Hierosolymis
Motto: Vidi sanctam civitatem
I saw the holy city (Revelation 21:2)
Monte Banuhus (Mount Banahaw)
Official languagesEnglish, Latin, Filipino
ReligionRoman Catholic
GovernmentExecutive, constitutional and parliamentary monarchy
• King
Jayden I
• Queen
• Prime Minister
Sander Koff
• Declared independence from the Philippines
23 February 2021
• Annexed Jayditaria
24 April 2021
• 2022 Constitution ratified
23 February 2022
• Census
Patron saintSaint Bernard of Clairvaux
  1. This micronation is a full member in the Cupertino Alliance

The Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis (Filipino: Kaharian ng Novus Hierosolymis, Latin: Regnum Novus Hierosolymis), colloquially referred to as Novus Hierosolymis (/noʊvʌs hiɛɻosɔˈlʊˀmˈɪz/), is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Located in Southeast Asia, it is entirely landlocked within the Republic of the Philippines. Novus Hierosolymis is a constitutional, executive and parliamentary monarchy, with the King being the monarch. The capital and seat of government is Montem. The largest region is Bernardus. Novus Hierosolymis has two official languages, English and Filipino, and the royal language (used in royal decrees), Latin. Novus Hierosolymis has four provinces, namely Montem, Ars, Christophus and Bernardus.

It was established on 23 February 2021 after its first King, Jayden I, had regained interest in monarchy as a viable system of governance and historical monarchies like the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

It scores a 4 on Roscoe's Scale of Micronational Seriousness, a 4.4 on David's Micronational Potential Index, and a 3.4 on the Categoric-Gradial System of Classification.


The name Novus Hierosolymis comes from the Latin for New Jerusalem. It was named after New Jerusalem due to the interest of Jayden I in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and he believed that this nation was to be a continuation of it, hence the name. The motto then found its origins from the nation's name, based on an excerpt from the Book of Revelation, where St. John of Patmos writes:

And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

— Revelation 21:2




King Jayden I first considered a monarchy when he first started out in micronationalism in September 2018, when he created the Kingdom of the Philippine Islands, a monarchy that laid claim to his house. However, a day after he established the Kingdom, he was not fond anymore of monarchy, which subsequently made him abolish the monarchy and establish a republican government, called Jayditaria. 2 years after, in February 2021, he had a more keen interest in forming a monarchy, after finding out that the said system was more successful and stable in micronationalism. He then went on Wikipedia and researched on the British and Spanish monarchy, and discovered the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Holy Roman Empire, both of which existed in the second millenium. Taking inspiration from the medieval Kingdom of Jerusalem, he established Novus Hierosolymis on 23 February.

Unprofessionalism and participation in YAMO

At first, Novus Hierosolymis acted more as a political simulation. The system of government was an absolute theocratic monarchy, in the belief that monarchs are given the divine right to rule by God (divine right theory). It joined the Progressive Association, an alliance founded by Afrasiyab Jamshaid, at the moment the nation was founded, since Jayden I, whose regnal name at the time was Rilus, chosen to sound more Latin-like, was already a member of the association as one of its chairmen and as a delegate for the Republic of Jayditaria. The nation was stagnant in growth at this period, with the nation having only 4 citizens, due to Jayden I considering Novus Hierosolymis as his side project rather than his main one, which at the time was Jayditaria.


The move to professionalism

As King Jayden I continued to meet more members of the MicroWiki sector, he believed that his nation needed to achieve the same kind of stature the nations of those he met gained in the community. To do this, he gradually introduced many reforms to the country's systems, forming parts of the early Novohierosolymian government. He then began seeking diplomatic relations with other nations to expand the Novohierosolymian diplomatic circle. This was done with the creation of the Privy Council and the House of Commons. In its first iteration, the House of Commons passed acts on governmental ministries and foreign diplomatic requests. The House of Commons was dissolved on 20 June 2021, due to inactive members of Parliament.

Heraldry and phaleristics

In discovering Vishwamitra and other micronations in the MicroWiki sector, Jayden I also learned about heraldry and phaleristics, which is a major part of many monarchies, including the United Kingdom, Thailand, and many others. Inspired by the Order of the Garter, the most senior order of chivalry in Great Britain, he established the Order of the Belt of Truth on 27 March 2021, alongside the creation of the first coat of arms. Later on, more orders were established, including the Order of the Sampaguita, established on 16 April, which was named after the Filipino common name for the Arabian jasmine, the Order of the Lamb, established on 18 May, which was inspired from the second coat of arms, which featured a lamb in the second and third quadrants, and the Order for Loyalty and Service, the only order of merit, with only 50 living persons allowed to be part of the Order at the same time. In the field of heraldry, as he immersed himself in phaleristics, he established the College for Arms and the office of Belt Principal King of Arms, which he held until the title was abolished and the College for Arms was dissolved on 6 December.

Present era

Annexation of Jayditaria

Jayditaria was the primary nation of Jayden I (who held the title of President), which was established on 19 September 2018. In Jayden I's first entry into the wider micronational sphere, it saw high levels of activity. However, it slowly descended into decay, with him prioritizing the Kingdom ahead of the Republic. Concern noted by him regarding Jayditarian inactivity began in March, when Novus Hierosolymis began opening its doors for prospective alliances, treaties, and diplomacy in general. This went on for approximately a month, until after the Kingdom began to trod its path of professionalism, which was in April, when it joined the Cupertino Alliance. Seeing that it no longer served any purpose and was deeply undeveloped, he called an emergency session of the Jayditarian Senate, who unanimously approved a proposal to hold a short referendum on annexation by the Novohierosolymian crown. The citizenry of Jayditaria overwhelmingly agreed to the proposal, and the Republic subsequently dissolved. A short while after, the Government announced its occupation of Jayditarian territories, ending the "two nations, one leader" scenario.

Novus Hierosolymis and the Cupertino Alliance

Novus Hierosolymis applied for membership in the Cupertino Alliance on 16 April 2021, upon observing the professionalism of the aforementioned organization. Its application was then approved by members of the Cupertino Alliance Parliament with a slim margin, making it an observer. After relatively good attendance in sessions by its delegate, Jayden I, it was then given an upgrade vote, which passed, therefore making the Kingdom a full-fledged member of the Alliance. It has been relatively active in the Alliance, with Jayden I serving in ministerial positions, including Minister of Technology, Minister of Development and Interstate Cooperation, and Deputy Minister of Asian and Oceanic Affairs.

The Dormancy

The era known as "The Dormancy" began on 1 September 2021, when Jayden I began his 2nd year of secondary school at the Philippine Science High School - Main Campus. This resulted in low activity and participation in governmental affairs by Jayden I, and the Kingdom descended into an almost-inactive state. The end was perceived to have occurred on 6 December, when Jayden I began the reformation of government by dissolving all state offices and corporations and established the Provisional Council on Necessary Reformation of the Kingdom.

The Reformation

The Provisional Council on Necessary Reformation of the Kingdom, known simply as the Provisional Council, was a government body tasked with advising Jayden I on needed reforms to the country's systems, in order to prevent inactivity from plaguing the nation. This council was then reformed into the 2022 Constitutional Committee, which oversaw the drafting, ratification, and promulgation of the 2022 Constitution, which now serves as the governing document of the Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis.

Government and politics

The Novohierosolymian Government (domestically referred to as His Majesty's Government) is the unitary government of the Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis. It is composed of the Council of Ministers (executive branch), the House of Commons (legislative branch), and the Supreme Court (judicial branch). It is currently under an absolute provisional government led by the King, Jayden I.

The Royal Family

Main article: Monarchy of Novus Hierosolymis

Foreign relations

Currently active

Former relations

Political parties

There are currently no political parties in the nation at this time.

Former political parties

The following parties were established during the 1st Parliament and were dissolved with the said Parliament.

Name Leader Date of establishment Date of dissolution
Socialist Party Sir Daniel Quintero (then Daniel Quintero) 30 March 2021 20 June 2021
Loyalist Party Jayden I (then Rilus I) 30 March 2021 20 June 2021
Liberal Democrats Viscount Lincasher (then Baron Luke of Rilusia) 15 April 2021 20 June 2021

Geography and climate

Currently, Novus Hierosolymis lays a cultural and ceremonial claim Monte Banuhus or Mount Banahaw, a mountain 109.01 km2 or 42.088996 mi2 big. Some Christian sects, mainly Rizalistas, people who believe that José Rizal, the de facto national hero of the Philippines, is the Filipino Christ, believe that Mount Banahaw is a holy and sacred place. This is mainly due to locals who have said to have heard a santong boses or holy voice, that set points of pilgrimage in the mountain's domain, and declared such mountain as the New Jerusalem, for it said that Jerusalem in Israel is not pure and clean anymore.
Climate data for Monte Banuhus, Novus Hierosolymis
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 15
Average low °C (°F) 9
Sunshine hours 356.5 322 372 375 403 390 403 387.5 232.4 299.8 320.4 359.4 4,221
Source: USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration[15]


There is no established economy in Novus Hierosolymis, but there is a business called Riley and Rydel's Homemade Goods, run by HRH the Princess Mother Dagsa that sells cookies, carrot and banana cakes, Torta Mamon (a rich delicacy from Cebu, made with condensed milk), and embutido with Vienna sausage (a Filipino meatloaf). Profits from this enterprise go directly to the Royal Family. Its main customers are close friends and acquaintances of the royals.

Culture and media


The state-sponsored religion is Roman Catholicism, which is the religion professed by the Royal Family. It formerly had its own self-declared archdiocese, the Archdiocese of Banuhus, and its own cathedral, the Cathedral of Montem, both of which were based in the Novohierosolymian Discord server.


The Novohierosolymian

The Novohierosolymian was the first news agency established by the state. It was run by Jayden I from 12 April 2021 until 21 July, when it was dismantled due to technical problems. It was the only news agency to have published an obituary, which was on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It published a total of 6 articles at the time of its dismantlement.

CNC News

The logo used by CNC Inc., the parent company of CNC News.

Crane and Crown was formed as the successor to the Novohierosolymian on 22 July 2021. It was an independent company until it was bought by NewMontem Corp., when it was established on 14 August. When NewMontem Corp. was dissolved on 6 December, Crane and Crown became, once again, an independent company, and was incorporated into a corporation on 25 January 2022, with Crane and Crown's original news service being put into a division of the corporation which is now called CNC News.

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