Monarchy of Atiera

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Emperor of Atiera
Alexander I
since 30 May 2020 (2020-05-30)
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
First monarchAlexander I
Formation30 May 2020
22 November 2021

The Monarch of Atiera, presently referred to as the Emperor/Emperess is the constitutional head of state of the Second Empire of Atiera. The current monarch and head of state of Atiera is Alexander I who ascended to the throne following the independence of 22 November 2021.

The office of the monarch of Atiera was known as the “Emperor of Atiera” from the independence on 30 May 2020 until 11 August 2020 when the nation transitioned into a Kingdom from an Empire. Following the changes to the nation from an Empire to a Kingdom, the position of the head of state was renamed to King from the existing title Emperor.

Following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Atiera, the position was once again renamed to Emperor on 22 November 2021.

Duties and Powers

The monarch of Atiera has several constitutional duties and powers as the head of state of Atiera, the monarchy may:

  • Issue imperial decrees
  • Oversee the government and its functions
  • Grant honours and titles
  • Nominate individuals to serve in government
  • Grant or revoke assent to legislation
  • Veto bills

List of Atieran Monarchs

Since the foundation of Atiera as an empire on 30 May 2020 and the transition to a kingdom on 11 August 2020, Munroe I reigned as the first and incumbent monarch of Atiera as the king.

He now serves as the Emperor of Atiera under the regnal name of Alexander I of Atiera

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
 House of Alexander 
(2020 – )
Alexander I
Liam Alexander
30 May 2020 – 25 August 2021[a]
22 November 2021 – [b]
5 April 2005 Does not appear Unmarried Living, age 18 years, 240 days


  1. As King of Atiera
  2. As Emperor of Atiera