Cabinet of Atiera

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First Burdette Cabinet
2nd ministry of Atiera
January 2021 - Present

Date formed 24 October 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Isaiah David
Head of state Alexander I (Monarch)
No. of ministers 4
Total no. of ministers 6
Member party Atieran National Front
Status in legislature Majority
Legislature term(s) First Parliament
Previous First Ramsay Cabinet

The Cabinet was a body of ministers responsible for the governance of the Kingdom of Atiera and the administration of its laws as passed by the House of Commons. It comprised of the Monarch, Prime Minister, and appointed ministers. These ministers were nominated by the Prime Minister for appointment and were then appointed by the Monarch.


First Burdette Cabinet (current)

Portfolio Name Term Party
King Alexander I 30 May 2020 Present IND
Ministers in the First Burdette Cabinet
Prime Minister Isaiah David 14 February 2021 Present   ANF
Deputy Prime Minister Michael Shepard
Foreign Affairs Minister 22 March 2021
Isaiah David 17 January 2021 21 March 2021
Chris Ramsay 15 January 2021 16 January 2021
Internal Affairs and Inquiries Minister Evan Paul 15 January 2021 Present
Economic Development Minister Tucker Gladden 30 May 2021
Charles Slocum 15 January 2021 30 May 2021 IND
National Security Minister Vacant 12 April 2021 Present N/A
Daniel Ebinger 9 April 2021 11 April 2021 IND
Hayden Strachan 14 February 2021 15 February 2021

First Ramsay Cabinet

First Ramsay Cabinet (Atiera)