Vue sur la Rivière

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Vue sur la Rivière
  County of  Atiera  
Vue sur la Rivière from the railway bridge, May 2021
VslRivère - bridge.jpg
Railway bridge at Vue sur la Rivière, May 2021

Coat of arms
Country  Atiera
Established 14 May 2021
 - Emperor Alexander I
 - Seigneur Tucker Gladden (last)
 - Member of Parliament Vacant

Rivière, fully Vue Sur la Rivière is a county and former seigneurie of Atiera as the Seigneurie (Lordship) of Vue sur la Rivière. It is located in Midland, behind the headquarter buildings of the Simcoe County District School Board.


The name literally translates from French as the View of the River but its English variant is interpreted as River Outlook. The name was chosen because of the view of the river seen from the railway bridge nearby.

Vue sur la Rivière observed from the railway bridge