Parliament of Atiera

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Parliament of the Kingdom of Atiera
1st Parliament
Coat of arms of Atiera (new).svg
HousesHouse of Commons
FoundedMay 30, 2020 (2020-05-30)
Liam Munroe - Banner of Arms.png Munroe I
Since 30 May 2020
Michael Shepard
Since 14 January 2021
Prime Minister
Isaiah Burdette, ANF
Since 14 January 2021
Atieran House of Commons seating chart.svg
Commons political groups
  ANF: 4 seats
  Independent: 3 seats
  Vacant: 3 seats
Length of term
1 year
Last election
18 January 2021
Next general election
24 June 2021
Constitution Act, c. 2021

The Parliament of Atiera is the legislative branch of the Kingdom of Atiera. It is a unicameral body, with its only house being known formally as the House of Commons.


Bold indicates members are part of the Cabinet of Atiera.

Name Party Constituency
David Augustus Independent Hamilton West
Isaiah Burdette Atieran National Front Alexandra Hill
William Cooper Atieran People's Union Haliburton East
Jan Muñoz Atieran National Front Haliburton West
Daniel Hamilton Independent Brayton Plains South
Michael Shepard Atieran National Front Brayton Plains North
Evan Paul Atieran National Front Hamilton North
Party Seats
Atieran National Front 4
Atieran People's Union 1
Independent 2
 Total 7