Associate Justices of Atiera

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An associate justice of the Kingdom of Atiera is any member of the Supreme Court of Atiera who is not the chief justice. The current number of associate justices is 2, the minimum allowed by the Constitution of Atiera.


The position of associate justice was, like the position of chief justice, created following the passage of the August 2020 Constitution Act. It remained vacant after this time. The position was kept in the January 2021 Constitution, yet remained vacant until 7 February 2021, 180 days after it was first created.

Current associate justices

There are currently two associate justices on the Supreme Court. The justices are, in order of seniority,

List of all associate justices

Associate justice Replacing Date confirmed
Tenure Appointed by
1 Jayden Lycon (new seat) 7 February 2021
7 February 2021

Munroe I
2 File:Benjamin Pickles in August 2021.jpg Benjamin Pickles (new seat) 7 February 2021
7 February 2021