Kingdom of Atiera (2021)

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Kingdom of Atiera
Flag of Kingdom of Atiera (2021)
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Atiera (2021)
Coat of arms
Motto: Victoria, pax et patria
English: Victory, peace and homeland
Anthem: Glory Be[1]
LocationBarrie, Ontario
CapitalAlexandra Hill
Official languages
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy
• King
Liam Alexander
Tucker Gladden
House of Commons
Establishment30 May 2020
• Census
20 (At dissolution)
CurrencyCanadian dollar (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST-4)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-4 (EDT-3)
Internet (proposed)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Provisional Consulate of Atiera

The Kingdom of Atiera, more commonly known as Atiera, was a micronation primarily located in Barrie, Ontario[2] with territories in Hamilton, Ontario, Caledonia, Ontario[2] and Michigan,[3] founded and ruled by Liam Alexander, the, now former, King of Atiera. It was founded on 30 May 2020 at what is now Alexandra Hill, formerly an unnamed hill in a nearby forest by the King's residence. It was a semi-constitutional monarchy, meaning the monarchy held some power within the legislature.

The last Prime Minister was Tucker Gladden.[4]

History and eras

Imperial era


The Kingdom of Atiera was founded on 30 May 2020 by Liam Alexander, now King of Atiera. It was founded at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep Munroe occupied during the days most of Canada had to stay at home. At its founding, the nation was known as the Empire of Atiera. The nation's claims were established roughly 2 days later when Munroe went to a nearby forest and surveyed the land, claiming a piece with a sign reading “Claimed by the Empire of Atiera.”

Yetman era

Before 27 June 2020, Munroe had failed at all his previous attempts to begin a government for the Empire. On the same day, he announced that he would be holding elections to appoint the Prime Minister, head of government of the former Senate. Zachary Yetman, the first local citizen, had announced he would be running for Prime Minister of Atiera. Alongside Yetman, an individual by the pseudonym of Rona Ambrose announced they would also be running for Prime Minister. Later in the week, Zachary Yetman was appointed Prime Minister of Atiera. Alongside, Munroe had established the position of Empress of Atiera, where Rona Ambrose was appointed as the first empress. The empress was granted the same powers as the emperor, including the right to remove politicians from office, which Ambrose exercised when she removed Yetman from his position as Prime Minister and exiled him from the land. An individual by the name of Bob Jopy was appointed the caretaker Prime Minister of Atiera. Zachary Yetman would remain exiled from the Kingdom of Atiera until its dissolution.

Modern kingdom

On the 10th of August 2020, it was announced that the Empire of Atiera would be transitioning to the Kingdom of Atiera. The Empire still informally stands as the Atieran Empire (also known as the Atieran Commonwealth), comprised of the Kingdom of Atiera and her colonies and dependencies.

On 26 November 2020, the Kingdom of Galte, located in Michigan,[3] led by Prince Michael of Galte, was admitted into the Kingdom of Atiera's commonwealth and is now a colony known as the Principality of Galte.[5] On 5 December 2020, it was decided that the constitution of Atiera would be rewritten. This was a major milestone for Atiera and the Miller administration. The constitution was finished on 14 January 2021.[6] Later, the constitution was amended to fix several issues on 17 April 2021. The amendment was authored by the Prince of Galte and speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Shepard.[7]

Subsequent inactivity, downfall, and dissolution

Burdette administration and subsequent removal

The Burdette administration was elected on 14 January 2021, but saw no sizeable activity which caused dormancy in Atiera. An election was called by the King and Burdette, in the ANF conference was re-elected as Chair. However, a Motion of No Confidence,[8] co-authored by Tucker Gladden and Chris Miller, with support from the King, the Prince of Galte, and James Bornstein resulted in Burdette's resignation and the appointment of Chris Miller as Deputy Chairman, who would then become the new Chair. After 47 minutes, Chris resigned, passing the position to Tucker Gladden, the last Prime Minister.

Gladden administration, proposed union between Atiera, Galte and Oskonia

Tucker Gladden became Prime Minister after Chris Miller resigned. Chris then was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister soon after. The election went as usual, resulting in a win for the National Front. The ANF beforehand had agreed to a coalition with the Atieran Moderate Coalition, increasing Gladden's majority in the House of Commons. The Gladden cabinet was to write the first budget when the news broke that there was to be a proposed union between Atiera, Galte, and Oskonia, due to similarities in structure and government. Many proposals were made but none of them had a consensus between their three leaders, Munroe I, the Prince of Galte, Michael Shepard, and King of Oskonia, Tucker I.

Resignation of the government, short return to imperial Atiera, and final dissolution

The Gladden government resigned on 24 August 2021, after the King's conduct in outside venues, including the Cupertino Alliance and Oskonia, where the King resigned as Prime Minister, after a Motion of No Confidence[9] was proposed and authored by then-Deputy Prime Minister Jayden Dagsa, with support from King Tucker, Michael Shepard, the Governor-General, and Varuna Sriraya. Munroe I then decided that he would make Atiera locally based rather than online-based, which did not save Atiera from its impending dissolution. On the 25th of August, 2021, at 1:30PM EST, Munroe I issued his final statement as King, dissolving the Kingdom of Atiera.[10]

Politics and government

At dissolution, Munroe I was the reigning King of Atiera, and Tucker Gladden the Prime Minister of Atiera. He is in charge of the government of Atiera and appoints the Cabinet of Atiera to his own liking, as long as it is approved by the Monarch.

The Parliament of Atiera consists of one branch, known as the House of Commons. The House of Commons is currently the only legislative body of Atiera and serves the entire commonwealth, however, colonies may be allowed to create and run a local legislature.

Political parties

There are currently three political parties in the nation, the Atieran Moderate Coalition, the Atieran People's Union (APU), and the Atieran National Front (ANF). The ANF has dominated the political scene for most of its existence [6] as all of the prime ministers have been affiliated with the ANF. Previously, the Atieran People's Union existed alongside the ANF, but the party ceased to exist on 21 February 2021 after failing to submit a charter to the government per the Party formalization Act.[11] The APU has since been reconstituted as of 7 June 2021 with the adoption of a new charter.[12]

The Atieran Moderate Coalition was founded on 31 May 2021 by James Bornstein and was approved on 1 June 2021 following the submission of a charter.

Name Ideology Political compass Chairperson Membership Seats in Parliament
Atieran Moderate Coalition Moderatism, royalism, diplomatic expansionism Big tent Michael Shepard 2
1 / 7
Atieran People's Union Socialism, democratic socialism, broad leftism Left William Cooper 5
1 / 7
Atieran National Front Royalism, classical secessionism Big tent Tucker Gladden 7
3 / 7
Independent Various Various None 1
1 / 7

Foreign relations

Unilateral Relations

Bilateral Relations

Intermicronational organisation participation

Current Membership
Name Logo Status Date
Cupertino Alliance Full Member [19] 7 July 2020
Union Against Micronational War Full Membership 28 September 2020
Former Membership
Name Logo Date left
League of Independent Nations
1 November 2020[20]



Flag Arms Name Size Population Established Official(s)
Alexandra Hill 0.000316sq km 3 30 May 2020 Member of Parliament
Rt. Hon. Isaiah David
The Honorable Tucker Gladden[21]
Haliburton 1.52sq km 2 3 January 2021[22] Members of Parliament
Hon. William Cooper
Hon. Jan Muñoz
Hamilton 0.000549sq km 2 Members of Parliament
Hon. David Augustus
Hon. Eovnia Pual
Brayton Plains 1.77sq km 0 Members of Parliament
HSH Prince Michael I
HSH Prince Hamilton
Vue sur la Rivière 0.000645 0 14 May 2021 Members of Parliament
Gaia 0.000855sq km 0 Members of Parliament
Principality of Galte 0.958sq km 4 8 December 2019 Members of Parliament
HSH Prince Michael I


The Atieran Defense force was Atiera's national combined armed forces. It was responsible for the security of the homeland and could not be deployed to a foreign nation if needed. It was established on 26 June 2020. It consisted of the Atieran Royal Navy and the Atieran Royal Army at the dissolution of Atiera. The Army had not participated in any real conflict but often engaged in training exercises.[23]


Atiera had a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb), with warm, humid summers, and cold, snowy winters. Atiera was located on Lake Simcoe, a climatically insignificant body of water. Atiera was located in close proximity to Georgian Bay, which, along with the Great Lakes, acted as a "buffer" of sorts, moderating year-round temperatures to a fair extent, while combined with the lake effect could spawn blinding snow squalls in the winter, and strong thunderstorms in the spring and summer. The average July maximum in Atiera was 26.3 °C (79 °F), while the average January minimum was −12.4 °C (10 °F).

Climate data for Atiera
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -2.9
Average low °C (°F) -12.4
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 16.6
Source: Weather Atlas[24]

Culture and media


Atiera was home to many sports within its culture. The official sport, badminton, was played by the King and his friends.

Atiera was also home to the Atiera Cycling Federation, composed of 4 riders who compete in virtual races on the fitness app Strava. Liam Alexander competed in the UCIM World Cup 2020,[25] and scored 2 silver medals for the team.


Atiera had several official government media outlets, such as their YouTube channel,[26] the Atieran Advance,[27] a government-sponsored news site own by the Wortley Group, a parent company to several other ventures such as the new Wortley Publishing.


The national dish of Atiera was apple pie, as it was a traditional dish on many major holidays.


Date Name Remarks
January 1 New Year’s Day Celebrating the new year of the Gregorian Calendar
May 30 Independence Day Celebrating the founding of the nation.
11 August Monarchy Day Celebrating Munroe I's establishment and accession to the throne as King.
October 31 Halloween People may go Trick or Treating on Halloween
November 11 Armistice Day A day to commemorate and remember all who served during any major conflict worldwide
December 31 New Year’s Eve The day before New Year’s Day.


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