Independence Day (Atiera)

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Independence Day
Atiera flag.svg
Observed byKingdom of Atiera
TypeNational Holiday
SignificanceAnniversary of the formation of the Kingdom (then Empire) of Atiera.
CelebrationsThe granting of honours by the Monarch, parades and, speeches.
Date30 May

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Kingdom of Atiera, celebrated annually on 30 May marking the anniversary of the foundation of the Atiera.

History and significance

Independence Day is celebrated by Atierans on 30 May, when the Empire of Atiera was founded in 2020. Although Independence day is not an officially recognized holiday, it is still encouraged that employers let their employees off of work for the day.


On Independence Day, the Monarch releases a list of honours to commemorate and commend those who have done good work for the Kingdom. The Monarch also releases a speech to address the nation. For the Independence Day of 2021, marking the nation's first year of existence, it is planned that the government of Atiera will release a special video on their YouTube channel.