Alexander I Constantine of Monmark

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Alexander I Constantine
King and Autocrat of the Monmarkians
Reign26 December 2017 - 16 July 2023
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorThrone dissolved
Born2 February 2007 (2007-02-02) (age 17)
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States of America

Alexander I Constantine is an American micronationalist who reigned as the monarch of Monmark from 2017 to 2023 when he dissolved it. He is also notable for his work in Begon as a long serving Chancellor and politician, Arthuria as its second Emperor, Elysium as Duke of Ticronvidia and a politican, in Vishwamitra as a noble and former politician, and in Wynnland as a noble and former politician.

Micronational career

The following is the micronational career of Alexander I Constantine, however as most of it is undocumented, 2017-early 2020 are relatively short.



Alexander I Constantine's micronational career began on 26 December 2017 when he founded the Kingdom of Monmark with his close friend James Thomason, becoming King and appointing James as Prime Minister. Monmark was at the time a largely unprofessional nation with poorly defined land claims, no attempt at a constitution, and largely underdeveloped government, meaning that until late 2019 and early 2020, the nation slowly decayed and went into inactivity. On an undocumented date as early as November 2019 and as late as February 2020, Alexander I Constantine declared himself an emperor, and used the position to begin reforming Monmark and hauling it out of inactivity throughout early 2020, with the notable accomplishments being the writing of the first constitution, first diplomatic outreach, and most importantly, building up a new loyal base of citizens. On 20 June 2020 he became "King of Monmark" once again as the Bluff Province, which was the principal province of the nation at the time, was reformed into the Kingdom of Monmark as the first constituent country of the nation, followed by others on the same day. On 14 August, the first Parliament of Monmark was appointed as a provisional government, and admitted the Kingdom of Paland to the nation the same day with approval of Alexander I Constantine. The next day, the monarch changed his title from "Grand Emperor" to Emperor, to be more modest in his titles, which was the start of a period of rebranding from the old "Grand Imperium" spearheaded by Alexander I Constantine. On 1 November 2020, Alexander I Constantine suspended parliament with its approval, and became absolutist, as he and his advisors recognized that it was an ineffective institution that was starting to lead towards inactivity. In late November and early December, Alexander I Constantine began writing a series of acts and decrees that started to bring up to date the formerly neglected laws of Monmark.


Alexander in early 2021 tried to introduce democracy in Monmark but failed, according to hix own admission due to his own meddling. Summer of 2021 saw the same thing happen in Monmark. In late October a scandal erupted in Monmark concerning the Prime Minister, who was seen to have used a transphobic slur against a citizen. This provoked an international response from the Cupertino Alliance who demanded that the Prime Minister be removed from office. Alexander was sympathetic to the grievances raised against his friend, but admitted that he felt the response was excessive and thought that one word was worth "burning bridges" with his friend. His inaction resulted in Monmark's expuslion from the alliance later that year.

In 2022, Monmark entered into a period of inactivity until late June. Monmark had taken a more conservative leaning in 2021, but in 2022 the country embraced it, and that Summer saw a surge of activity, which culminated in Monmark's first ever election that September, for the House of Burgesses. This activity was short lived however, and by the end of that same September, Monmark was in an irreparable state of activity, lasting through 2023 until Alexander "acknowledged reality", and dissolved Monmark on July 19, 2023, ending his reign in Monmark.


Personal life

Alexander was born into a protestant family on February 2nd, 2007 in Grand Junction Colorado. In Summer of 2012, his family moved to Glenwood Springs in the same state, living there for a year and a half, before moving back to Grand Junction, this time for a year and a half also. In Summer of 2016 his family moved for the final time to San Antonio, Texas, where he has lived since.

Alexander has been raised as a protestant Christian in the Assemblies of God denomination, but has expressed interest in both Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, amid a growing disillusionment with protestant theology.

Politically, Alexander is a Libertarian leaning Conservative. He does not identify completely with libertarianism, but sympathizes with it overall, and ties it to his Conservatism. He is outspokenly pro-life, pro-gun, a freedom of speech absolutist, and believes in a heavily decentralized form of government, where power is concentrated in local areas rather than a nation's capital. He previously identified as a monarchist, but no longer identifies as such despite some remaining sympathies. He believes same sex marriage is illegitimate but also believes that marriage isn't even the business of the government anyways. He has attracted some criticism and controversy for his views, particularly on abortion and on gay marriage.

Titles and styles


Prior to July 19, 2023: By the Grace of God, His Most Christian Majesty, Alexander I Constantine, King and Autocrat of Monmarkians, King, of Bristonians, Lundians and of Saint Nicholas, Protector of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith and Sword of Christ.

July 19, 2023: His Serene Highness, the Prince of Timberwood."

Noble titles

Duke of Apensberg

Honours and awards

National honours

As King of Monmark, he was the fons honorum and Sovereign of the honours of Monmark:

Founder Sovereign and Royal Knight Companion of the Order of Crimson (2 February 2021)
Founder Sovereign and Grand Collar of the Order of Independence (26 November 2020)
Founder Sovereign and Knight of the Order of the Crowned Lion (5 September 2020)
Founder Sovereign and Knight of the Order of the Cross of Saint Patrick (30 September 2020)
Founder Sovereign and Knight of the Monmarkian Cross (5 September 2020)

Other national honours

All such honours received by King Alexander I Constantine as citizen of other states.

Recipient of the Order of King Arthur (25 January 2021)
Recipient of the Order of the Emperor (19 November 2020)
Head Knight Commander of the Order of Augustus (2 February 2021)
Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra (11 January 2022)
Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the Vishwamitra (11 February 2021)
Commander Second Class of the Most Gallant Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka (23 January 2021)
Recipient of the National Service Medal (15 April 2021)
Recipient of the Civil Service Medal (15 April 2022)
Commander of the Premier and Exalted Order of Kamrupa (22 February 2021)
 Cangun Llus
Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Heron (1 May 2021)

Foreign honours

Member of the Order of the Grand Duke (1 January 2021)
Recipient of the Order of King Isaiah David I (25 December 2020)
Grand Officer of the Order of the Golden Sun (31 December 2021)[1]
New Louis
Knight of the Order of New Louis (14 December 2020)
Stranger Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Gatfar (13 February 2021)
Knight Grand Cordon of the Most Exalted Order of the Royal House of Helmond-Bernhard (3 January 2022)
Knight Grand Collar of the Most Noble Order of Queensland Friendship (24 January 2021)
Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Most Noble Royal Family Order of the Crown of Queensland (24 January 2021)
Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Most Honourable Order of the Three Builders of Queensland (13 February 2021)
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of Queen Elizabeth II (13 February 2021)
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Leopold Lion Crown (3 April 2021)
Companion of the King George's Service Order (28 April 2021)
 Edinburgh Province
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Blessed Order of the Star of Edinburgh City (28 May 2021)
Stranger Knight of the Most Exalted Royal Family Order of Vishwamitra (15 April 2021)
Knight of the Most Auspicious Order of the Sanghamitra (1 January 2021)
Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Lotus (2 February 2021)
Member Special Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit (12 December 2020)
Companion of the Most Distinguished Order for Merit and Public Service (6 January 2021)
Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy (8 June 2021)
Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the Crystal Jubilee of the Foundation of Vishwamitra (15 April 2022)
Grand Commander of the Most Noble Royal Family Order of Purvanchal (8 November 2020)

Order of wear

This is the order of wear of decorations and honours of David Augustus I, the Emperor of Monmark.

Order of IndependenceOrder of the Crowned LionOrdr of Saint PatrickOrder of Monmarkian Cross
Order of the LotusOrder of Diplomatic Service Merit
Order of Mahabali Karthika PadakaOrder of King Isaiah BurdetteRoyal Family Order of Purvanchal
Order of New LouisTeutonic KnightOrder of King ArthurOrder of the Emperor





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