Provisional Consulate of Atiera

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Provisional Consulate of Atiera
Coat of arms
North America
Official languagesEnglish
• Sovereign
Alexander I
• Consuls
Hayden Strachan
Cameron Cezar
Chris Ramsay
Establishment27 September 2021
(de facto)
CurrencyCanadian Dollar
(de facto)
Time zoneEST/EDT
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Atiera
Second Empire of Atiera

The Provisional Consulate of Atiera is the political body and sole layer of civil bureaucracy responsible for the establishment of the Second Empire of Atiera as an internally focused and localised state, opposed to its predecessor the Kingdom of Atiera – whereas more similar to the First Empire of Atiera (2020). The consulate has never been formally proclaimed however has de-facto existed since its conception on 27 September 2021. It is presently comprised of three consuls appointed by the sovereign. The consulate as a government makes up a de-facto sovereign state landlocked within the Canadian province of Ontario, at present time with no form of international recognition it is known by and large as a micronation.


Much of the reason for Atiera's dissolution in the summer of 2021 may be attributed to the heavy reliance of the kingdom on a globalized citizenry to exercise its internal political workings. When the latter received little attention, it put national integrity as a whole at stake. Among this is the reason for the disorganization of Atiera and the unilateral resignation of the government of Tucker Gladden on the 24th of August 2021. Subsequently the following day His Majesty the King distributed that the kingdom was dissolved. Almost immediately after the unprecedented dissolution of government and state, the potential in reorganizing Atiera became a subject of the former king. Looking back on the simplicity during the developing phase of the Empire of Atiera prior to the establishment of the kingdom, became an inspiration for a new policy which would dominate the priorities of the consulate.

On 27 August 2021 the reorganization of Atiera became a privately discussed topic between Liam Alexander former King Munroe I and former minister of national security Hayden Strachan which would come to include former minister of domestic affairs Cameron Cezar and former prime minister Chris Ramsay. All of whom with the exception of Ramsay were local to Atiera. The idea of the consulate as a collective provisional governing council was pitched, and the former king made public his intention to be known as Alexander I, Emperor of Atiera. Citizens Strachan and Cezar were subsequently appointed to the provisional consulate on the 27th, and Ramsay on the 29th.

Powers of the consulate

Effectively being a collective governing authority with the capacity to enact policy and to advice, the consulate is regardless subject to the sovereign. The consulate is vested the responsibility to draft and enact a new constitution, and to securely establish the internal proceedings and practices, and define the external presence of the Empire of Atiera. The consulate may give advice to the sovereign on any decision he might take, though this is not binding. There are no political factions present in the consulate, however consul Cameron Cezar continually advocates for "more autonomy". The consuls do voluntary work and do not receive a known salary.

List of provisional consuls

No. Portrait Name Term of office Sovereign
1 Hayden Strachan 27 September
Alexander I
2 Cameron Cezar 27 September
3 Chris Ramsay 29 September