Cameron Cezar

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The Right Honourable
Cameron Cezar
Count of Cobra

Cameron Cezar in Japanese Armour
Count of Cobra
Tennure 9 May 2021 - Present
Appointed 9 May 2021
Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office:
28 October 2020 - 11 January 2021
King Munroe I
Prime Minister Chris Ramsay
Personal Information
Born August 29, 2005 (2005-08-29) (age 18)
Orillia, Ontario
Citizenship  Atiera
Nationality  Canada
Ethnicity Japanese
Residence Barrie, Ontario
Military service
Allegiance  Atiera
Service/branch  Kingdom of Atiera Army
Rank General of the Army
Unit His Majesty's Atieran Foot Guards
Commands Atieran Defence Board

Cameron Cezar, born 29 August 2005, is an Orillan born Canadian micronationalist most notable for his positions and military sevice within the Kingdom of Atiera. Currently, Cezar serves as the General of the Atieran Royal Army, as commanding officer of His Majesty's Atieran Foot Guards. He was also the first and only monarch of the Democratic Republic of Cobra, known as the King Cobra.

Micronational career

Early career

In December 2018, Cezar along with his other friends, most notably Liam Alexander, founded the Democratic Republic of Cobra, a absolute monarchy crossed with a republic and dictatorship, where he proclaimed himself monarch under the title of King Cobra. He later appointed Liam Alexander as secretary of state and Zach Yetman as prime minister. Although no official records exist, it is believed by Cezar and Alexander themselves that Cobra was dissolved in late 2019.

Return to micronationalism

In 2020, Cezar returned to micronationalism, joining the former Empire of Atiera as a citizen. Although he remained mostly inactive in the early days of it's foundation and presence, he begun his career in Atiera after it had transitioned from an empire to a kingdom. He first served as the Minister of Domestic Affairs under the Miller Cabinet until his expulsion from the nation on the 16 January 2021[1] when he and Chris Miller attempted to start a political movement set to overthrow the government to "prove a point on the lack of political regulation and control." He, alongside Chris and Hayden Strachan, were declared personae non-grata[2] within the Kingdom of Atiera on the 11 January 2021. However, on the 6 April 2021, the status of persona non-grata was lifted on Cezar and he returned to the nation. Cezar is the only out of the 3 to be allowed back into Atiera.

Present day

Currently, Cezar serves as the General of the Atieran Royal Army. He was appointed as the Commanding Officer to His Majesty's Atieran Foot Guards, the regiment in which he actively serves in.

Titles, styles and honours

Noble titles

Count of Cobra (9 May 2021 - present)


Order of wear


The full title of Cameron Cezar is:

The Right Honourable General Cameron Cezar, Count of Cobra, Seigneur of Brayton Plains OAM RAI


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