Monarchy of Kapreburg

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Monarchy of the Empire of Kapreburg
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Kapreburg.svg
Imperial coat of arms
HM King Jackson I of Kapreburg.jpg
Jackson I

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch John I
Formation 2 April 2019

The Monarchy of Kapreburg is the position of head of state of the Empire of Kapreburg. The current King is Jackson I.

Styles, arms, and standards

The style of the monarch of Kapreburg is His Majesty the King of Kapreburg.

List of monarchs

Portrait Name Born Coronated Ceased to be Monarch Claim House Personal Emblem
Coronation portrait of King John I.jpg Jacob Patrick 7 June 2003 17 years, 141 days 2 April 2019 24 April 2019 Right of conquest Caravaggio
Coat of arms of the House of Caravaggio.svg
Badge of the Caravaggio's.svg
HM King Jackson I of Kapreburg.jpg Jack Ryan 15 March 2007 13 years, 225 days 17 May 2019 Incumbent Congressional appointment Morris
Badge of the Morris's.svg

Timeline of Kapresh monarchs

Jackson IJack MorrisJohn IHouse of Morris
     House of Caravaggio