House of Caravaggio

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  • ᚳᛟᚱᛟᚾᛟᚳᚳᛐᛰ
  • ᚳᚪᚱᚪᚠᚪᚷᛖᚩ
Country Baustralia, and her empire
EthnicityEnglish, Italian
Place of origin Italy
Current headJohn

The House of Caravaggio is the current reigning house of the Kingdom of Baustralia. It consists of John, Katelynn, Duchess of Concord, and their parents.


Member Baustralian arms House arms

HRH the Duke of Kingston

HM King John

HRH the Duchess of Concord

Male line descent of John, 1st Duke of Kingston

The family tree is based on the current line of succession to the Baustralian throne, as seen from one generation above.

Prince John, Duke of Kingston
(b. 1970)

Susan, Duchess of Kingston
(b. 1970)

King John
(b. 2003)

Princess Katelynn, Duchess of Concord
(b. 2005)


Wedding Year Combined coat of arms Combined cyphers
Duke of Kingston and Susan Garsnell 2003 (sep. 2021)

Military ranks

Service Information
Name Branch Active rank Dates Unit Military Training and Qualifications Medals Appointments and Other Roles
John I HRN Admiral of the Fleet 2017 – Admiralty Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Baustralian War Victory Medal**
League of Nations Medal*
Commander-in-Chief, Lord High Admiral
Duke of Kingston HRAF Air commodore 2018 – King's Grenadiers None Air Good Conduct Medal Air Commodore-in-Chief
Susan, Duchess of Kingston HRN Surgeon lieutenant commander 2019 – HMS Trent None Naval Good Conduct Medal
Kapresh Star
Duchess of Concord HRN Surgeon admiral 2018 – Admiralty None None Commodore-in-Chief