Duke of Concord

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Dukedom of Concord
Coronet of a Baustralian prince.svg
Shield of arms of the Princess of Wabasso.svg
Coat of arms of the 2nd, and current Duchess.
Blazon Quarterly, I & IV: Sable a Baustralian fish naiant Azure, II: Gules a Rial sign Or, III: Of the Second, a letter 'W' serifed of the Fourth, the whole differenced by a plain label of three points Argent, the middle point charged with an anchor of the Second.
Creation date 2017
Created by John
Peerage Peerage of Baustralia
First holder John, 1st Duke of Concord
Present holder Katelynn, 2nd Duchess of Concord
Remainder to the 2nd Duchesses's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten.

Duke of Concord, named after the town of Concord, Baustralia, is a substantive title that has been created once for Royal Family in Baustralia, other than the royal family. The current holder is Katelynn, Duchess of Concord. Originally created for the heir apparent of Baustralia, it swapped roles with the title of Prince of Wabasso, and the title was swapped with the Crown and the Princess of Wabasso.

List of dukes

Created by John of Baustralia
Name Period Consort Notes Other titles
John, Duke of Concord
2017-2021 King of Baustralia
Emperor of Ostreum (until 2020)
Katelynn, Duchess of Concord