League of Nations Medal

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League of Nations Medal
LN Medals, court mounted.svg
All variants of the League of Nations Medal
Awarded by the League of Nations
TypeService medal
Awarded forService with a designated League of Nations peacekeeping mission
StatusCurrently awarded

The League of Nations Medal is an international campaign medal that is awarded by the League of Nations to various micronational servicemen for service in peacekeeping missions.

Multiple versions of this medal have been made to represent each campaign, though if a serviceman has a fair amount of these medals, he may wish to substitute it for a singular medal. Also, certain militaries may opt to have their servicemen display one medal rather than multiple medals.

League of Nations medal

League of Nations Medal ribbon bar

The most common League of Nations medal is the standard LN decoration known simply as the League of Nations Medal. Most countries bestow this award for any action in which a member of the military participated in a joint LN activity.

In situations where a service member participated in multiple LN operations, campaign clasps are authorized as attachments to the League of Nations Medal.

The UN has authorised the award of numerals to be attached to the medal ribbon. The qualification for these numerals is not to indicate the number of campaigns served in, but rather the number of qualifying periods of service, which are counted as 180 consecutive days after the initial qualifying period of ninety days.

League of Nations medal for Mandatory York

League of Nations Medal for Mandatory York ribbon bar

The first League of Nations medal to be created was the LN Medal for Mandatory York and was given to any military service member of an Armed Force who participated in protected Mandatory York. It was also given to the President of the CSR though he was on the other side.

List of LN ribbon bars

Years Ribbon bar Operation Operation area
2018-2019 LNMY.svg LNFIMY Mandatory York
2019 LNFX.svg LNFIFX Fox Islands