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Blue background, in the centre, white branches and a coronet.
Coat of arms containing shield, royal standard and crown, held by lion and a saint
Coat of arms
(French: Liberty for Ikonia.)
Map showcasing the approximate location of the capital, Uvenia
Largest cityPasteque
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesIkonian
Christianity, Buddhism
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Cameron I
Independence from Florida
• Declaration of Independence
19 October 2018
• Current constitution
28 December 2018
• Total
0.053 km2 (0.020 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyIkonian kyro (KYR; κ)
Time zoneEST, IST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
RIS 002 codeIK
Internet TLD.ik (de jure), .ml (de facto)

Ikonia (/aɪˈkoʊ.ni.ə/ aye-koh-nee-uh About this sound (Listen) ), more commonly known as the Kingdom of Ikonia, is a micronation with an absolute monarchy government composed of cities and towns,[1] and other territories. Ikonia is mainly located in Davenport, Florida, with the King living in the Royal Residence. The nation was founded on 19 October 2018 and is surrounded by the state of Florida. It has a surface area of 13.09 acres and a population of 18 full citizens, of whom 16 are territorial residents. It is solely based on a monarchy as it is the most common government in micronations. The Kingdom's form of government is an absolute monarchy, defined by the Declaration of Independence.[2] The current King of Ikonia is HM Cameron I, who has ruled Ikonia since it was founded. The Kingdom consists of one city, and three towns, the city being Uvenia, and the towns being Rokia, Bonaru, and Osceola. The Kingdom's total size has increased throughout its history, starting out with 0.12 acres as provinces of the Royal Residence. All Ikonian citizens speak English.


The word 'Ikonia' derives from an anagram of the King's dog name, Niko. The Greek name Niko is an abbreviation of the name Nicholas, but also a derivation of Nikolaos, which means 'victory of the people'.[3]


Reign of Cameron I

Main points

The Kingdom of Ikonia was founded by Cameron I on 19 October 2018 after showing interest in a video about micronation Molossia, Cameron believed having a micronation would benefit himself and his family, and wrote the Declaration of Independence[2] on 19 October 2018.

Foundation Era

The Foundation Era is dated to begin on 19 October 2018, the day when the Kingdom of Ikonia declared independence from the United States as the Kingdom of Ikonia. HM Cameron I proclaimed himself the nation's first Monarch, and his brother, Troy Koehler was appointed to the Treasury Of Ikonia. The King of Ikonia then wrote basic acts for the treasury, created ministries and so forth. On Friday 7 December 2018, Ikonia's letter of micronations and declaring themselves as a nation was sent to the governor of Florida, Rick Scott.

Diplomatic Era

The Diplomatic Era is dated to begin on 27 December 2018, with the Diplomatic Recognition Ruling being enacted.[4] This caused all treaties and recognition from the Kingdom of Ikonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to become null and ineffective.

The first micronation they restarted relations with is the Catholique Socialist Republic, which the President of, Aidan McGrath, was awarded the Order of the Diaconus, this was later revoked on 25 May 2019 due to constant changes in McGrath's form of government of Quebec.

They also recognized the GUM members unilaterally, on 17 January 2019.

The Ikonian government later published a social media press letter regarding the policy on how Ikonian social media accounts shall be run on 21 February 2019.[5]

Territorial Era

The Territorial Era is dated to begin after the demonarchization of Kapreburg on 5 April 2019, this lead to the creation of the Kapresh Indies, territory for Kapreburg, Aidan I and Cameron I both helped in making. This later caused Cameron to take more land for himself and the Kingdom, creating the Dominion of the Caribbean, the Dominion of Blake, and Orange County, Uvenia. State-owned companies could now rule territory, given the King, approves it. The Ikonian Empire was later revived after being defunct for 3 months on 28 April 2019. A list of all the territorial changes in Ikonia was listed in a news article published by the Ikonia Post.[6]

Following a three-month hiatus, the Ikonian government finally legislated the dissolving of the PNGMRNK, through the Mandate and Dominion Act, which created the Dominion of Rishania.[7]

Foreign relations

Official seal of the MOFA

The Kingdom of Ikonia establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with other nations through the Foreign Office, led by the Ministry. The Minister has the power to grant "states of friendship" and tacit recognition, but official recognition of another nation can only be granted by the monarch.

Ikonia has since sought diplomatic relations mainly through the MicroWiki Community, but also holds friendly relations with other nations such as Molossia.

Ikonia has friendly diplomatic relations with several small nations, including but by no means limited to Kapreburg, and many others.


The total surface area of the Kingdom of Ikonia is approximately 0.053 km2 (13.09 acres).

Most of the Kingdom is residences and empty grassland. Land in the Kingdom is very flat and has no distinctive natural features.


Ikonia, such like Florida, has a humid subtropical climate. Temperatures are usually within a range of 31 °C - 35 °C in the summer. In the winter, the average temperature range is 22 °C - 29 °C, but can rarely reach as cold as 8 °C.[8]

Administrative divisions

Ikonia is comprised of several separate pieces of land. The most populated territory, Uvenia - the Ikonia capital - consists of the Royal Residence, a residential property. All main core Ikonian lands hold a representative, and are majorly consisted of lands in Florida, yet with the March of Novaria, land can be foreign as well.

Flag Name Annexed Population Representative
Flag of Uvenia.svg Uvenia 30 October 2018 (as Province)
3 December 2018 (as City)
4 City council
Flag of Rokia.svg Rokia 4 December 2018 Inhabited, but people still enter Troy Koehler
Flag of Bonaru in May 2019.svg Bonaru 29 January 2019 Inhabited, but people still enter Governed by Uvenia
Flag of Osceola Ikonia.svg Osceola 2 January 2019 Inhabited, but people still enter Governed by Uvenia
Flag of Novaria.svg Novaria 3 June 2019 2 William Wilson, Marquis of Novaria

Other divisions

The other divisions of Ikonia are subjected to being a member of the Ikonian Empire, and are mainly crown dependencies under provisional status due to the Affixed Dominion Act of April 2019, dominions, overseas territories, and or other territory designated with a different division. Former mandates, and crown dependencies were changed with the passing of the Dominion act of the Kingdom of Ikonia on 25 April 2019.[9]

Flag Name Annexed Population Representative
Provisional status
City seal of Ancellotta.png Ancellotta 12 July 2019 3 Jose Lopez
Flag of the Dominion of the Caribbean.svg Dominion of the Caribbean 20 April 2019 0 Hayden Ford
Flag of Rishania.svg Dominion of Rishania 12 October 2019 1 Kareem Risha
Overseas Territory
Flag of Baker Island.svg Baker Island 29 April 2019 0 Vacant
(election imminent)


An example of an official citizenship document of Ikonia

Citizenship of the Kingdom is only granted by the King himself, but does not come with residency, nor can you claim residency.

Official citizenship documents are given to known citizens of Ikonia by the King. Official license plates of Ikonia are given to registered owners of automobiles through the Ministry of Transportation.


All transport in the Kingdom is mainly handled by the Ministry of Transportation, however, it is subject to the King's approval.


Aerospatial travel is maintained by the Ministry of Transportation the Royal Geographical Society, but specifically, JISA, as the King serves as Administrator. Both the ministry and society have no commissioned spacecraft.

Air Transport

Air Transport is maintained by the Ministry of Transportation, but more specifically, Blue Airlines.


Ikonia is a royal absolute monarchy ruled by the House of Koehler. The Throne is officially hereditary.

HM King Cameron I is head of state as Monarch, and holds the most vast, executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He can not be held accountable to any members of the government as it is an Absolute monarchy, under his ruling.

On a daily basis, most executive power is exercised by the Monarch and the Privy Council, with the Supreme Judge of Ikonia helping in judiciary cases involving criminals and prosecutions of Ikonia.

The Kingdom of Ikonia also contains several other lands, which fall under the direct and absolute authority of the Monarch, with Governor General's usually being appointed to represent him and exercise his power; such as the Dominion of Blake or the Dominion of the Caribbean.


Members of the Government


Official flag of AFOI

The Armed Forces of Ikonia are the military of the Kingdom of Ikonia, administered and partially funded by the Treasury of Ikonia. The main branch of the AFOI is His Majesty's Army, founded in October 2018.

There are currently four enlisted soldiers in the Armed Forces of Ikonia: 3 in the Army, and two in the Air Force. The AFOI can also rely on various foreign volunteers from the state of Florida, and the United States, making the potential overall military strength of the Kingdom better.

The flag of the military is based on the Ikonian flag. It consists of the Gadsden flag with the snake, the crown representing His Majesty and the blue background that stands for loyalty.


The Royal Geographical Society, an agency of the Ministry of Registration, is responsible for collating statistics about the demographics of the Kingdom. The population of the Empire at the start of 2019 was 16. Most new citizens come from the acquisition of new territory rather than immigration into an existing territory.

At the end of April 2019, 4 people held honorary Ikonian citizenship. However, these honorary citizens are not considered part of the population as they do not reside in Ikonian territory and are not bound by its laws, nor have rights. Full citizens, who unlike honorary citizens have the right to vote in elections, include residents of Ikonia territory, members of the House of Koehler and more.

There are currently 16 full citizens of the Kingdom - 11 (68%) men and 5 (42.0%) women. Most Ikonian citizens receive both education up to the age of 18 and free healthcare in the United States.


Ikonia's official language, and the only language which is used in day-to-day life, is English. Ikonian is prominently used as a ceremonial language, mainly by the Monarchy in speeches or press letters. Most Ikonia citizens have been or are being educated in the United States of America.


8 out of Ikonia's 16 current citizens (46.6%) have given their religion as Christianity, more specifically, Roman catholicism. Freedom of religion is allowed since the founding of DeBruinism on February 8, 2019, yet Buddhism and Christianity are recognized officially by the government.[10]

Ikonia, more specifically the King, believes Ikonia is a free religious nation, this being a result of the Religion Ruling on February 8, 2019. All religions must be treated equally under the law (as long as it does not hurt or damage someone physically, mentally, and in any other way.)


Ikonia's culture is mainly influenced by American culture. However, there are strong traces of Norwegian culture, and Transterran culture within Ikonia during different holidays. Internet culture is also very common in Ikonia, such as with memes. Demographically and ethnically, Ikonia considers itself to be very diverse.

Video games

Frequent video games played in the Kingdom are Hearts of Iron IV, Overwatch, and the most common, Minecraft.


Music is the most frequent form of Ikonian culture. Rock and roll music, and Alternative music are perhaps one of the most influential aspects of Ikonian culture.

Royal and public holidays

Date Name Type Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Public holiday First day of the Gregorian calendar
March 17 St. Patrick's Day Public holiday Feast day for St. Patrick and celebrating Irish heritage
Date varies Easter Sunday Public holiday Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead
July 4 Independence Day (U.S.) Public holiday Celebrating the United States independence from Great Britain
Date varies Columbus Day Public holiday Celebrating Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World
19 October Kingdom Day Royal holiday Celebrating the foundation of the Kingdom of Ikonia
17 November Banana Zoo Day Public holiday Celebrating the Class of 3000 song, Banana Zoo
Date varies Thanksgiving Public holiday Giving thanks and spending time with family; feasting
December 25 Christmas Public holiday Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities


The media in the Kingdom of Ikonia is comprised of one state-owned outlet, along with a number of private YouTube channels.

Ikonia has a national government written newspaper called the Ikonia Post on Wordpress, which has been operating since November 2018.[11] The Ikonia Post is written and edited completely by the King and his government, and it posts 2-4 articles per month. The Kingdom's official broadcaster is Ikonian Broadcasting, which uploads rarely, Ikonian National News segments on YouTube.

See also

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