Company rule in Rhodesia

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Compañía Regla de Rhodesia
Flag of Rhodesia
Company flag
Coat of arms (de facto)[n 1] of Rhodesia
Coat of arms (de facto)[n 1]
Motto: Chilimbikitso wa ma Kampani
(Chewa: Courage for the company.)
A map of Rhodesia under URC Company rule, released in 2019
A map of Rhodesia under URC Company rule, released in 2019
StatusChartered territory of the United Rhodesian Company
CapitalPrincess Marie Louise Island
Common languagesEnglish (official)
Chewa (regional)
Historical era2019
Zimbabwean bond notes (regional)

Not to be confused with the British South Africa Company rule in Rhodesia.

The United Rhodesian Company claims to be currently holding two islands in Zimbabwe under their administration, however has no control over them. It was chartered in 2019 by Abrams I of the Kingdom of Ikonia, and has stayed as a stable company ruled protectorate of Ikonia. Many people speculate they will escalate the land claims to a dominion, or a protectorate.

It is said that if the company rule is to be lifted, the Ikonian government has created a series of laws regarding the islands they claim, which is as follows:

  • No other land claim regarding the two islands that the United Rhodesian Company has annexed will be recognized
  • If the United Rhodesian Company dissolves as a company, the islands will stay as the Protectorate of Rhodesia, keeping the first law in effect.
  • Drugs or paraphernalia of any kind, alcohol, and plastic bags are banned.[1]


  1. Claimed as coat of arms, yet is only a logo, no official coat of arms has been granted from the King or the Society of Arms