United Rhodesian Company

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United Rhodesian Company
State owned company of Ikonia
IndustryColonial enterprises, Territorial assessment
GenreTerritorial assessment
FoundedUvenia, Ikonia (2019 (2019))
FounderCameron I
Area served
Southern Africa
Key people
Cameron I (founder)

The United Rhodesian Company (URC), officially the Rhodesian Compañía Unida (RCU) is a state-owned company of the Kingdom of Ikonia that was established following the creation of the Kingdom of Quebec. The main focus of the URC, is to re-colonize Africa, and assess the territory the Kingdom gets.

It has been suggested that the Monarch of Ikonia's ambition was to create a zone of Ikonian commercial and political influence inside of Africa.

It is claimed to administer Rhodesia since the foundation, and has held the territory ever since.