Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia

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His Majesty's Royal Government
Liais Hopenπrkósrkyut's Loratakyutπqu Éatatreskóloriohopenkóior
Established18 March 2019
StateKingdom of Ikonia
  • None (de jure)
  • Lord Speaker (de facto)
Appointed byThe Monarch of Ikonia (Abrams I)
Main organ
Annual budgetκ300 annually
Headquarters1 Uvenia Street, Uvenia, Ikonia UV

The Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia, formally referred to as His Majesty's Royal Government[a], is the central government of the Kingdom of Ikonia. The government is not formally lead by anyone, but de-facto, it is lead by the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords. Under the legal code of the Kingdom of Ikonia, all executive authority lies within the Monarch, yet imposes a quasi-like dual legislature authority to the houses. The government is composed of volunteers who offer to serve as ministers, or house members.


The government was formally established by royal decree by Abrams I on 18 March 2019.[1]


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  1. Since the Government is the container for both the House of Lords and House of Commons, it is also common for it to be referred to as the Parliament.