Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia

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His Majesty's Royal Government
of the Kingdom of Ikonia
His Majesty's Royal Government of Ikonia wordmark.svg
Logo of His Majesty's Royal Government
StateKingdom of Ikonia
LeaderCrown of Ikonia
Appointed byCrown of Ikonia
Main organCabinet
MinistriesList of Ikonian posts
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
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The Government of the Kingdom of Ikonia, formally referred to as His Majesty's Royal Government, is the central government of the Kingdom of Ikonia. It is also commonly referred to as simply the Ikonian Government.[1]

The government is led by the Crown of Ikonia, who selects all the remaining ministers.

The government is also advised by the Privy Council of Ikonia, which acts as an advisory body to not only the Monarch, but the whole country itself.


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